Road to Success

The Road to Success

Stop and look around. At the bus station. On the metro. On the roads. In the flood of cars we see everyday around us. What do you see? I see people running, constantly in motion, with worried expressions on their faces and a lost sense of why. Every person I come across is headed towards their destination, more often than not, it is either the office cubicle for their 9 to 5 job, or their school/college classroom for the quest of education.

But if you sit down with any one person, and ask why they spend every minute exhaustingly in abiding by the monotonous routine given to them through inheritance of the system, they are completely and utterly clueless.

Either a question of this nature will allow them to mark themselves as dumb and confused, or they were instantly label you as an ignorant fool to wonder why the world does what it does, and has been doing so since decades. Right?

7 billion people in this world, who are living by the same rules of success as the ones you are, how can they be wrong or deluded in the paths they have chosen as the ladder to the top. But, ask yourself, how many have actually made a name for themselves and achieved the phenomenal level of success man is capable of? How many have pursued a passion which created their supreme niche in the market and given this world a legacy to remember? A numbered few. There are signs for those who think.

We all are running, running after a concept of success, happiness, peace and prosperity which is not ours to begin with. In this rat race, we all forget the purpose of our personal existence and the fire that lies within to make miracles happen. We, instead, settle for ordinary, for the common and the standard. We let the passion inside us burn to dust and drown deep within bouts of unhappiness, depression, failures and regrets. What gives us the sheer power and dedication to break free from the chains of ‘what ifs’ and ‘buts’ we are continuously exposed.