The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Become Your Own Boss

The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Become Your Own Boss

Children have this impeccable creativity that allows them to imagine the most mundane of circumstances as the most fantastical of opportunities to laugh, enjoy and learn from. Their tendency to magically form an entire house out of pillows or use the simplest of items in the most miraculous of ways serves as the most apparent of pieces of evidence for the innate ability that lies within all of us: the innate ability to grow, to explore opportunities, to imagine, to create and to build out of nothingness.
Just like the child who requires no fancy toys or expensive gadgets to make the most out of the present, man has the capacity to benefit from the countless opportunities all around him, void of the superficial adornments we believe to be so utterly significant – a pocket full of cash, a fancy car and the expensive, branded suit. Because, essentially, man has been born with a magnificent trait of creating his own reality. Man has been born as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not the ownership of a business. Entrepreneurship is a mindset, it is a lifestyle, it is an attitude, and it is having a certain perspective of life that reaps profits and productivity. Entrepreneurship is the ability to gauge when a seemingly barren situation can be made fertile. It is the ability to decipher when and how others can be offered an advantage from that diverse nature of chances to improve their quality of life.

Entrepreneurship is freedom. It is the freedom from economic slavery which every single individual nowadays is running after – the job. It is the independence to make a living as you please and serve humanity as you will. It is the autonomy in deciding where you wish to invest your time and efforts and how you wish to do so. It is not being bounded by the ifs and maybes, nor by the fears and apprehensions. It is the Leap of Faith.

We have been trained to think of life as the game where we can only really be the players fighting for survival, as opposed to the masters behind the puzzle. We have been taught to work for others to earn for ourselves, not realizing that life was about working for ourselves and earning for others. We have become so lost in the trivial, that we have lost sight of the truth. We are so dependent on the expectations and opinions of the world, that we have forgotten how to exist in our own thoughts.

So, Dear Readers, start taking charge of your life and stop waiting for the perfect time to get your jumpstart, because honestly, and no one is going to tell you this, but there is no perfect time. There will be no time when you have just the right amount of money, the right amount of resources, the right amount of support, and the right amount of energy to turn possibilities into realities. Because there is no right or wrong, there is only here and now.

The only thing you will ever truly need to become an entrepreneur is the drive, the motivation, the perspective, and the imagination – the entrepreneurial mindset. So, think big, take risks, explore the markets and become your own boss by freeing yourself from the chains of the ordinary man and entering into the extraordinary!