Success Stories (Health)

Sumeera Noreen – Anorexia

“Coming from the UK, having exhausted multiple forms of treatment for a psychological mental disorder-none of which had lasting results, I felt very skeptical I would find a cure here in Pakistan. But Alhumdulillah, with the Mercy of Allah, I came across “Blessings”. I have been staying as a guest for over 3 months and the amazing difference I have felt during this time has truly been life changing. I feel I have improved greatly – the biggest difference being my mental and spiritual states which were very weak before coming here. Having the revelation of what the power of positive thinking and positive energy can actually achieve has been greatly inspiring and amazing. My attitude is a lot more positive in wanting recovery and a better life for myself, now having understood the basic laws and principles of life by attending the Verita workshops. Alhumdulillah, I feel more at peace than I have had since the last 4 years in treatment in the UK. The serenity and the calmness of this environment, coupled with the positive energy and harmonious lifestyle here have had an incredible healing effect on me. I am able to concentrate on my prayers more and connect with Allah – the vital thing that was missing in my heart, allowing me to realize the blessings He has bestowed upon me – giving me happiness and peace. I feel fresher and more positive and have a lot more stamina and energy than I have had in a long time. My physical state has also improved without the need of any medical aid now. All these positive effects have happened because of one thing: my stronger relationship with Allah, which would never have been created had I not come to “Blessings”. I hope that these changes continue when I return back home to the UK. I have very much enjoyed being here and it has helped me a tremendous amount, which no amount of psychological therapy in London would have ever fixed!”

Saood Sadiq – Obesity

“A very energetic and a good learner who came to Verita with an abnormal weight and could dream of becoming a smart man. Verita showed a different perspective of life and motivated him that he could lose his weight easily. He took that challenge and give his life a chance to bring a miracle in his life. He did it unbelievably without having any external pressures.”

Sidra Muzammil – Infertility

Sidra who was a working lady was declared as an infertility case and was hopeless to have a child in her life. Allah showed her the path of Verita and she got to know that everything has a price in this Universe and she discovered more to resolve this mystery, meanwhile Allah gave her gladness to let her feel again to be a parent and she continued discovering her life until she got a baby.”

Shazia Hayat – a Severe Backache

“Shazia Hayat one of our beloved participants was suffering from a severe backache, she was not able to sit or stand properly, she got many answers of her life and her sufferings from Verita and miraculously without taking any medication she started getting better and now she is so well that she can fulfill her duty as a wife and mother very well.”

Saira Sohail – Blood Pressure

“She had a regular checkup of Blood Pressure every month and spend a lot of money on all these to run her life. She was so habitual of it that she started thinking it as a part of her life. Then life gave her a chance and she came to Verita, she got to know that there is another side of a life which is still not discovered and when she got to know all that she started cutting down her bills from blood pressure medicines and at last totally cured of this horrible partner.”

Aisha Javed – Migraine

“I had the opportunity to affiliate myself with the nature in this program and feel how pure the world created by Allah really is. I personally felt the difference when the concentration in my prayers increased and I didn’t have to use my migraine medicine which I had to use regularly otherwise.”

Mujtaba Hassan – Speech Disorder

“Since childhood, I suffered from a speech disorder which meant I would stammer while talking to people and hence, find it incredibly hard to have a normal conversation. Due to this, I would face unbearable anxiety and started feeling a rapid decline in my confidence around individuals. Despite the difficulties I was experiencing, I still have faith in Allah and believed that if He put me to it, He would put me through it. I waited for that special power I would be gifted in return for having this problem, because after all, if He takes away one thing, He gives a better one in return. Constantly talking myself out of the anxiety and depression, I tried my level best to overcome the issue, even resorting to medical treatment based on the advice of doctors. The medical treatment did more bad than good because of the terrible side effects I have started undergoing. In the midst of this all horror, I found out about Sir Faiez Hassan from a friend of mine who lent me his book ‘The Road to Success’. That book changed my life as it brought me to this life-changing institute – Verita. After calling in and talking to the Verita Team about my speech problem, they suggested I attend an upcoming residential workshop. That was it. One workshop and I got the solution to all the problems I had ever faced – self-esteem, confidence in speaking, the importance of talking out your problems rather than keeping them in and much more. After that one workshop, I got a job in Mobilink as a Customer Care Representative (CCR). Imagine, someone suffering from a speech disorder all his life, and now I stand at the 2nd position in my team. I cannot thank the Verita Team enough for changing my life, especially Sir Faiez and Ma’am Roshina. Thank you because I feel I have been born again!”

Cancer Survivor

Jawad Hussain – Obesity

Healing Decades-Long Migraine 

GulshanAwais from Sialkot attended Back to Basics in 2015, she says this was the best experience of her life as she learnt about success, happiness, relationships and most importantly, about health. Health was a pillar missing from Gulshan’s life since years, as she used to have 3 to 4 attacks of a severe migraine, every month. Gulshan goes onto say, “during the course of this program, all participants were staying in the Verita training resort, where another such episode was about to arise, but the team jumped in with a strategy that did not only curb the pain at the spot but helped me deal with this paralyzing issue henceforth in my everyday routine, as well”.

Healing Decades-Long Food Allergy 

In 2014, Mr. Aftab Ahmad joined our life-changing, residential program ‘Back to Basics’ all the way from Chitral to experience a pure, natural and organic lifestyle. Since childhood, Aftab suffered from a severe milk allergy. Even an ounce of milk would cause Aftab’s skin to go red and make it incredibly difficult for him to breathe properly. Upon our visit to the Dera on one of the four days Aftab stayed with us, all participants were encouraged to drink freshly extracted milk from the cows for a refreshing taste. Aftab took the risk and drank an entire glass, only to find no sign of any allergy after decades of milk intolerance. After this astonishing discovery, Aftab said, “If my mother found out that I had just drunk an entire cup of milk and not experienced any health issue whatsoever following that, she would die but not believe me”.

Ali Khan-Healing Prostate

Another success story of the numerous God has gifted Verita with, is of a participant named Ali Khan who joined us in ‘Back to Basics (2014)’ from Lahore. Before stumbling across our advertisement on Facebook, he had booked an appointment with his doctor to get his prostate operated on due to several years of health concerns related to it. After spending four days with Verita and acquainting himself with the organic lifestyle Verita promotes, Ali Khan decided to delay the surgery and give this new perspective a shot. Soon enough, his prostrate healed naturally and required no external treatment which he had planned for only days prior to his fortunate discovery of our life-altering the residential program. No surgery, no doctor and natural recovery – everything is possible in God’s natural world.
(Note: the name of the participant has been changed to respect his privacy)

Saeed Mukhtar-Diabetes, Psychological Disorder


Dr. Hudda Naeem – Obesity

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Tayyaba Riaz-Obesity, Depression,Fatigue Syndrome

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Muhammad Arif-Obesity

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