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30 Second Pack

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30 Second Pack Your Daily dose of Life Lessons Which includes Success, Motivation, Management, Leadership, and Guidelines for a Happy and Healthy Life.

Books included in this Pack

  • Born Again: After a staggering transformation that he underwent in his own life, Faiez Hassan, the author, compiled this beautiful gift to all those struggling to find peace and happiness in their personal journeys. A day-to-day guide to making the best of every moment you are blessed with, ‘Born Again’ allows the reader to align his heart, mind, body, and soul into a state of complete and utter tranquility amidst a world of chaos and depression.

  • 30 Second Successories: Meeting success with Islam in an outstanding collection of 365 key lessons acquired from the author, Faiez Hassan’s, best-seller ‘The Road to Success’ and renowned success stories from all over the world is a task few have dared to do. This book is a constant reminder of the remarkable commonalities we find in the daily teachings of our religion with success secrets from reputable names in the field.

  • 30 Second Manager: The best choice for any current or aspiring manager, this book is a step-by-step guide to performing all modern management practices, principles, and traits with total effectiveness and excellence in light of wisdom from religious sources of Quran and Hadith. From human resource functions of recruitment and selection to higher-end role requirements of decision making, team building, change management, and communication, this small gift can prove imperative to any individual belonging to the world of business.

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