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Smart Parenting and Homeschooling Program

Smart Parenting and Homeschooling Program

by Faiez H. Seyal

Participants Feedback

About the Program:

Homeschooling has long been considered an alternate method of imparting education to one’s children, however, usually reserved for a very small percentage of the total school-going population of the world. In Pakistan, particularly, where the conventional method of schooling is fairly recent and still being promoted as the best option available, homeschooling always seemed a far-fetched personal choice, rarely ever opted out of intention and will. In 2020, however, the global and national perspective to homeschooling has changed massively since the spread of Covid-19 across the world which has forced the closure of universities, schools, and colleges, amongst many other social/public institutions. Along with being pushed into considering homeschooling a norm, many educationists thought leaders, and the first-hand affectees (the parents) have allowed homeschooling to enter the global platform of learning and education also because of the general critique of the conventional education methodology which was producing deteriorating generations in terms of real-life skills and competency. On the premise of these two significant factors supporting the decision of homeschooling one’s child, now the notion in itself has taken flight across the board, and more and more families are intrigued to learn about the countless benefits this route offers.

The objective of the Program:

The “Smart Parenting and Homeschooling” program has been designed to equip and empower parents to take full charge of the future of their children. It is constructed in a manner that includes and involves all family members on the journey of growth and learning, rather than solely focusing on the child of concern. The certification gives an overall, start to finish, ground-reality perspective on how to nurture, raise, and parent the child into showcasing the traits, qualities, and skills important to him and to you. Moreover, the course transfers all knowledge and understanding to the participant so that parents, in the comfort and convenience of their homes, can concoct an environment conducive to unparalleled learning, with only positive effects all around.

Why Us?:

Faiez H. Seyal is a third-generation educationist who has unprecedented expertise in combining all subjects and fields of life such as economics, business management, sociology, psychology, human behavior, and parenting under the umbrella of Islamic principles and laws of nature. He has 25 years of experience and insights into child development and education, which has garnered a plethora of success stories throughout the decades. Also, the institute he has founded, Verita, is dedicated to teaching and practicing a holistic view of life, which is essential while preparing a child to be able and capable of dealing with all nuances and challenges reality has to offer. Furthermore, a concept close to the heart of the institute is family bonding and building, which is easily established and achieved through the platform of homeschooling.

Participants Feedbacks From Our First Batch:

Duration: 4 Months

Number of Sessions: 6 (six) Sessions of Around 5 hours Duration Each.

Who should attend:

1. Parents who are NOT homeschooling their Children

2. Parents who have decided to homeschool for the first few years.

3. Parents who are devoted to the concept of homeschooling and wish to continue it for the long haul

Methodology: Online with projects, assignments, case studies, self-reading, and support


  1. Post-Covid Generation Education
  2. Engaging Education for Kids
  3. Experiential Schooling for Teens
  4. Becoming a Good Teacher
  5. Creating a Learning Environment
  6. The Post-Covid Skillset

Dates and Time:

Participants will select the date and time of each module and our team will give access to the modules as per the participant’s schedule chosen

Investment: For Investment details call us at +92-333-4837482 or Click Here to send a WhatsApp message.

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