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360 Degree Wellness

360 Degree Wellness

A Complete Guide for all Your Health Issues

About the Program:

A holistic health model which Faiez Seyal has engineered and been practicing for nearly 3 decades, and which has successfully facilitated the cure of depression, anxiety, hypertension, diabetes, infertility, obesity, cancer, anorexia, arthritis, and more. This all-inclusive health recipe targets achieving a permanent, long-lasting, life-changing solution without temporary reliefs of medication or artificial techniques of healing. This master program of Verita has garnered an impressive line of success stories from hundreds of participants through the years and remains an unmatchable health and wellness model.

Program Content:

  • Different Aspects of Wellness
  • Understanding Prime Agent of Healing
  • The Truth behind Genetics
  • Food and Dietary Plans
  • Lifestyle Factors leading to Healing
  • The Starting Point of Disease
  • Living without Medication
  • Building Immunity

Who Should Attend?:

  • Health Enthusiasts
  • Doctors and Health Experts
  • Patients of Different Illnesses
  • Concerned Loved ones for their family’s wellness
  • Pakistani/Urdu speaking Audience

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