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Jawad Hussain

Before Joining the Retreat I asked myself what a 4-day program can do? but the program turned my Life 180 Degree. I adopted a healthy Life Style My weight reduced from 140 kg to 72 Kg and my waist reduced from 46 to 34. I am grateful to Allah for this Life-Changing Opportunity. Thank you, Sir Faiez Seyal and Verita Team for making it possible for me.


Abdullah Alvi

Alhamdulillah! The sessions I attended in 2019 helped me a lot and I was also able to take care of my employees. A few timely decisions allowed for some financial cushion which proved to be beneficial for us and our staff when this corona crisis started. Alhamdulillah.

Alina Iftikhar

I have spent 6 years studying Business Management but was not able to make much sense of it in my personal life. thanks to you that I have learned more than any college/university I attended. I knew all the concepts but you taught me the application.

Samra Amir

This course inspired me to actually know who I am. I have learned how to manage myself as a parent I have identified how to Homeschool my children and give them a life management skill set, how to enjoy and learn from nature around us, how to identify my child’s interest, and much more. Thank you Verita, you are a blessing!

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