Organic Fresh Vegetables
Stop and think. How much of your time do you spend as an organic, natural being in an entirely pure, untainted setting? From the moment you wake up and insert that fluoride-laden toothpaste in your mouth till the last GMO meal which you so enthusiastically devour as a healthy dinner, your every moment is filled with products and ways of living dictated by the man himself. Imagine, a car built to be run on petrol, filled with gas. That is how we have treated our bodies, minds, and souls, which were made to be bred and grown on organic living, but have been stained with synthetic and man-made infiltrations.

Amidst this unfortunate blend of natural and unnatural, man has become the victim of disease, illness, depression and havoc on his health and wellness. From autoimmune diseases to cancers and psychological illnesses, we have faced the most atrocious attacks on our health in the past few decades along with a steady rise in man-made interventions and inventions within all realms and walks of life. The connection is supremely evident for those to see, however, where should one draw the line between man-made and organic living, and what is the optimum way of being in today’s world with the way God has made us? These questions are ones to ponder over through experience, learning, and wisdom.