I loved math as a child

I loved math as a child. That sounded so strange to so many people, I always wondered why they couldn’t see how fun numbers could be. I loved how the questions were like short stories. Every scenario was like a riddle or a mystery to solve. Each time, I would get an answer right, my face would light up with a huge smile; one more achievement – check! I wondered how people hated it so much, don’t they feel like achieving? Don’t they like creating creative scenarios in their head, mysteries to solve, puzzles to unwrap and untangle. Slowly, I realized, not everyone was made for math. Not everyone got their answers right, and instead of making them feel better, every single wrong answer, made them feel worse. I noticed people running away from everything that was a bit hard, a little unknown, somewhat difficult. And in that escape, they lost the opportunity to enjoy what could be a chance to learn and grow. Perhaps not everyone is made for math, but I refuse to believe, that everyone isn’t made for learning. Like the withered plant thrives on every drop of water that comes its way, a withered soul and an ideal mind, is meant to thrive on opportunities of growth and learning, on becoming better every passing day. I wish we didn’t have to get our answers wrong. Instead, I wish every puzzle was meant to teach us something right, for everyone.

Hanna Seyal