How to get the perfect child!

Want the perfect recipe for the perfect child? One who is morally upright, socially intelligent, well groomed and presentable, one who excels academically, and achieves success in every walk of life? One who doesn’t thrive on social approval but is loved and appreciated by everyone he meets? One who never throws a temper tantrum, is astoundingly obedient yet omits leadership qualities too? One who is always seen with a smile on his face, and smoothly sails through every trial and difficulty? Sounds like a fairytale, right? Yes, because it is.

Striving for perfection in our children, the perfection we define and understand it to be, has killed their curiousity, their uniqueness and their innate need to be different. It is human, to make mistakes. It is human, to fail and fail again, before reaching success. It is human, to live life with some bad days, and some good. It is human, to be wicked good at one thing, not too great at another. Do not strive to make them paper perfect, strive to make them human, so they know how to live in a human world, and understand how to relate with the weaknesses and failures of other humans. So they empathize and show compassion.

Perfect children don’t exist. Humans, do. And perfect parenting is realizing the beauty in every imperfect child, empathising on every bad day, appreciating every failure in the journey to growth. Perfect parenting is only making them better every, single day, with every mistake they make. And perfect parenting means, it’s okay if you’re having a bad day, or you’re low, and tired. It’s realizing you’re human too. And knowing that, that’s perfectly okay.

– Hanna Seyal