About Verità-RISE (Riches, Independence and Success Element)

Masters in the field of Change Management, Entrepreneurship, Career Establishment and Success Sustainability, Verità has contributed immensely to raising individuals, companies, and organizations to their highest potential. Acquiring the concept of ‘achieving success’ from Faiez Seyal’s Best-Seller, ‘The Road to Success’, this area highlights the traits and pursuits each man sets out to attain in his life in order to fulfill the responsibilities bestowed upon him within his role of being an individual, parent, spouse, sibling, child, so on and so forth. Within this platform, Verità has successfully helped multinationals, private and public organizations along with countless individuals to reach to the top of their professional hierarchy, leave a legacy in their personal realms and maintain supremacy within their spheres of excellence.

Furthermore, stemming from the theories of psychology, and standing true to the ideology Verita is built upon, that of human behavior, this particular area named ‘RISE’ also signals towards the core, emotional and biological need of man – the need for achievement. In the pursuit of satisfying this need, man eagerly dives into a world of learning and growth for his personal and professional endeavors. A wide variety of programs are offered under this umbrella which facilitates individuals in climbing up the ladder by dealing with matters such as of Self Discovery, Personality Development, maintaining Professional Decorum, exhibiting Emotional and Ethical Intelligence, being Money Smart, becoming People Smart, expertise in Decision Making, developing a Self Brand, and many more.