Our Methodology

Verita-HEAL does not believe in trimming problems with medicines and quick solutions, instead, it promotes positive living in order to treat health concerns at their grass root level. Through a change in lifestyle, individuals are able to achieve unparalleled forms of wellness which have astounding impacts on their relationships and career, as well. Using the mediums of one-on-one counselings, workshops of different durations, residential healing retreats, motivational seminars, and corporate training, Verita-HEAL plans on spreading its wings across all fields which require a new outlook on the role health plays in the quality of lives we live.


Verita-HEAL revolves around two main concepts which govern all provided therapy and treatment:

  • The man was made to follow the laws laid down by the Creator, and in a failure to abide by those laws, we suffer from the unnatural – disease. Hence, healing resides in understanding and practicing of the laws of nature which can be found in different interpretations under psychological theories, religious study, medical knowledge or alternative healing therapies, but essentially state the same.
  • Health is a complex combination of the soul, the mind, the heart, and the body; and each part deserves its needs to be met and respected. If anyone of the pieces of the puzzle is ignored, the whole, which is the person, suffers.