Our Methodology

Verita-BIRTH, under the health initiative of Verita-HEAL, aims to integrate the valuable knowledge of Mid-Wifery along with Medical Gynaecology and Obstetrics to formulate an ‘All Natural Birthing Experience’ to step away from the daunting images created by the modern world and offer the beauty of birthing as it was ought to be. Verita-BIRTH seeks to provide all natural experiences that the human body is capable of and made to deliver through means which are aligned with a pure, organic and natural lifestyle. From conception till after delivery, Verita-BIRTH intends to guide the expecting parents through a course of action which would reap maximum benefits in terms of a healthy pregnancy, solid pre-natal parenting, marital bonding and attachment, preparation for a normal delivery and emotional satisfaction as a result of this experience. This maternity facility, unlike any other in the region, promises to cater to all significant factors required for a successful and memorable pregnancy for the family.

What Can You Expect from Us?

  • Pearls & Gems (Tips) on how to conceive
  • Comprehensive and Easy to adhere to Diet Plans
  • Exercise/Fitness Regimes for before, during and after pregnancy
  • Natural Pain Killing Diet & Techniques
  • Birth Exercises
  • Birth Preparatory classes
  • Pre-natal & Antenatal classes providing all-round 360° Health and Nurturing Information
  • Child Nurturing & Nourishment in the Womb Programs
  • Paving the Path to a Happy Child through Pre-Natal Parenting
  • Getting your Glow during your Pregnancy
  • Free Health Seminars
  • Free Parenting Seminars
  • Support group meetings of Old & New Mothers for a comforting environment with open discussion and Q/A Session
  • Support Group Forum over Social Media Channels (WhatsApp, Facebook etc.) for Constant Emotional Support for the expecting Mothers
  • Help channels (Email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.) to answer all your queries and guide you in your quest for a Natural Organic Baby.
  • A Natural, Serene Habitat for a Peaceful Mind and Grateful Heart
  • Ancient Chinese Cupping Therapy (Special Circumstances)
  • Massage Therapy
  • Mud Therapy
  • Water Therapy (Coming Soon)
  • Water Birth (Coming Soon)