Verità-BIRTH (Natural Birthing Practice)

Once a rarity, C-section has now become a norm, for those living ignorantly at the hands of the limited knowledge of the doctors, this form of child delivery is a fashion statement, for others, an unfortunate but inevitable plan B which most parents opt for in the midst of ‘complications’. Similar to all other natural processes, birthing, too, has been contaminated by human interventions, and shoved into the corner under numerous labels of ‘torturous’, ‘dangerous’ and ‘impossible’. However, recently, the world of science and medicine has finally reached closer to the truth and tasted the beauty of God’s natural world. The preposterous short-term and long term repercussions of human intervention, i.e. delivery through C-section, excessive use of ultrasound, man-made supplements during pregnancy, etc, have now surfaced to allow individuals to start reverting to the way nature intended this beautiful experience to be. From conception to those first moments of motherhood, this journey encompasses within itself an experience that should serve as the happiest, healthiest, and most spiritually enlightening one for both the mother and the father. The current state of affairs, however, has proved it to be the complete opposite, with emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, social and financial burdens pulling the parents away from real concerns of raising future leaders of this world, to dealing with the crisis of the present.

The ever-widening divide between the modern world and the learnings presented through the Verita platform has depicted an increasing number of participants facing the dilemma of which side to fall on when making their life choices. Despite being well aware of the truth and its benefits, often a lot of individuals are unable to put their learnings into practice due to the mockery, rejection, and unacceptance received from those adhering to the conventional approaches to health and life in general.

In the midst of such confusion and chaos of stark difference between ‘what we know’ and ‘what we do’, ‎Verita participants presented several requests for an arena where preaching and practicing the truth will not be confined within the limits of conventional education and minds. Therefore, Verita-BIRTH was born as the answer to the prayers of countless mothers yearning for the chance to do what they know is the best for their child and themselves.

Verita-BIRTH integrates the natural sciences with the knowledge of religious sciences, behavioral sciences, and the ancient medical arts. It guides expectant families through a self-preparatory birthing process, hence, highlighting the other meaning ‘we-birth’ is founded upon where you are the decision-maker and prime actor in your life.

We integrate the valuable knowledge of Mid-Wifery along with Medical Gynaecology and Obstetrics to formulate an ‘All Natural Birthing Experience’ to step away from the daunting images created by the modern world and offer the beauty of birthing as it was ought to be. Verita-BIRTH seeks to provide all-natural experiences that the human body is capable of and made to deliver through means which are aligned with a pure, organic, and natural lifestyle. From conception till after delivery, Verita-BIRTH intends to guide the expecting parents through a course of action that would reap maximum benefits in terms of a healthy pregnancy, solid pre-natal parenting, marital bonding and attachment, preparation for normal delivery and emotional satisfaction as a result of this experience. This maternity facility, unlike any other in the region, promises to cater to all significant factors required for a successful and memorable pregnancy for the family.


  • Pre-natal Care and Education
  • Preparation for Natural Birth
  • Natural Birthing
  • Health Awareness about the Do’s and Don’ts before, during and after Pregnancy (supported by latest scientific research)
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Health Seminars & Workshops for the Health of the Father, the Mother and the coming Baby
  • Parenting & Child Development Seminars & Workshops guiding parents to be packed and prepared