About the Program:

Covid-19 has impacted a variety of institutions and industries across the world, but the education system has borne one of the biggest brunts in this global chaos, with effects that seem to be revolutionary to the conventional education map. Even if the virus itself is curbed within a few months or a year, perhaps we would never see the system reverting back to how it has been pre-covid. Not only is the education blueprint shifting drastically to online courses and home-based learning (homeschooling is accelerating), but the academic flora of relevant subjects seem to have changed immensely as well. The career and job opportunities which once were considered highly reputable, good-for-the-pocket, and need of the time, might become redundant altogether. We are entering times we have never seen before, and need to prepare in ways never done before. The skills required for the generations of the future are not taught in our outdated educational course books, and a new outlook to learning is imperative.

Objective of the Course:

Keeping in mind and in perspective the new global state of affairs, we owe it to our youth (especially) to offer them a way out, and a way forward. This course is designed to combine everything they need to know in order to get where they need to be, and impart knowledge to them to become empowered in understanding the changing global dynamics which affect their career and educational choices. By the end of the course, we are aiming to have a batch full of motivated youngsters with a plan of action in hand, a vision to pursue and a roadmap customized to their personalities and personal interest.

Why Us?:

Hanna Seyal will be conducting this program, under the mentorship and direction of Faiez H. Seyal. She is well-acquainted with the nuances of dealing with youngsters because of her decade-long experience in training youth on matters of personal development, self-esteem, self-grooming, and parent-child bonding. A homeschooling mother of two, herself, and an emotional health counselor, she has plenty of first-hand experiences in matters significant to youngsters nowadays and is well-versed in the needs which arise while entering the real world right after exiting the world of books and degrees. Her humorous nature, light personality, and youthful demeanor help her students easily opening up to her and communicating their concerns without hesitation.

Duration: One Month
Number of Sessions: Eight (8) sessions of 5 hours duration, each.


5-hour sessions will be held twice a week for a month, with projects, assignments, and experiential tasks given to the participants for a full hands-on and interactive experience.

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