About Verità-SOUL

Verita SOUL – Life Skills for Children goes to represent the theme of the school. We aim to provide our children Organic learning with Universal appeal.

What is Organic Learning?

Organic Learning is a learning is the learning that occurs in a natural state”.
It is learning that develops from within a child. The child develops curiosity about a topic, concept, problem, or idea, then seeks out methods to satisfy this curiosity. The outside world does not interfere with this process. The motivation to learn is intrinsic. It radiates from within. Organic learning is exciting and invigorating. To the outside observer, this usually appears to be “playing”. The children will expend great effort to satisfy their natural curiosity. This is the process children use to understand the world around them. Since the methods, the children use to satisfy their curiosity, develop from internal processes and a great deal of creativity is utilized. Learning occurs quickly and efficiently with minimal resources.

With this model, Verità-SOUL shall be helping to inspire our new generation towards learning skills that are necessary to make a successful practical life. At Verità-SOUL children shall be taking up challenges and learning things that are otherwise not possible for them to go through in the rush of academic school life.

Our Aim

Our aim is to prepare our children and youth to have life skills that could help them stand on their feet. A skill full person is able to create his way through the thick air of confusion. Our aim is to hand over our youth hands on skills that could help them find their own way and channel their God given talent and abilities in an effective manner. Once they have skill in their hands they will not only sustain a livelihood for themselves and their families but also be a productive and responsible citizen.

Teachers and Parents regularly face the following challenges in class and at home:

  • The child does his work but cannot tell in the class.
  • Lacks self-confidence
  • Has problems related to attention in the class?
  • Could not use God given gift properly.
  • Lack of social skills, speaking skills, and focus.
  • Has low self-esteem.
  • Does not take responsibility.

Do You want your child:

  • To be self-reliant by the time he/she comes of age.
  • To be a star performer in academics.
  • To become what he/she is made for becoming.
  • To play a positive role in the community.
  • Not to be dependent on any one for basic life chores.
If your answer is YES,  to the questions above – this is your chance to educate your child as per the requirements of the modern and changing world.