How can EFP help?

  1. EFP understands the significance of time in a high-paced world. Therefore, it provides the roadmap in which a child, starting from scratch, can cross the rite of passage of O’Level in merely 6 academic years. This can allow the student to get a jumpstart at an early age in life, for bigger success, later in the years.
  2. One of the fundamental concerns students feel nowadays is of the tremendous stress put on their shoulders while pursuing their studies; and the boring monotony which decreases retention and attention during their study period. EFP provides the solution to this by connecting academic learning with the real world, in order to give meaning to the information gathered, and convert it into processed knowledge for longer periods of time.
  3. Parents and students, both, sacrifice their socialization due to the tough and rigorous schedule of educational institutions. EFP provides a flexible and manageable schedule for students and parents to adhere to, so they may not feel the need to cut themselves off from their social lives in the pursuit of education.
  4. Students often feel overwhelmed by the large amounts of take-home assignments given to them, as obligatory to be completed by deadlines, irrespective of the interest of the student. EFP, conversely, primarily focuses on the student’s interests while assigning in-class or take-home assignments for better comprehension of theoretical concepts.
  5. Students and their parents, both, frequently complain regarding their school’s curriculum and its limited scope. EFP, in turn, allows children to choose books of their own will and choice, under the umbrella of a theme, purpose, and meaning provided by the facilitators.
  6. A large number of parents ultimately take their children out of schools and decide to pursue schooling in a home-setup, however, unfortunately, due to the lack of awareness of the proper methodology of homeschooling, that setup is also, with time, titled towards the conventional school setup, which creates the same or similar problems, as were once experienced in the public institution. EFP is the perfect platform which guides and facilitates such parents who want to take the big plunge but lack the tools and understanding to do so.


Do you want your child to be:

  1. A Self-directed Learner?
  2. A Self-reliant Student?
  3. The best in his Academic Achievements?
  4. Ahead of his Age-Fellows?
  5. Able to apply his/her knowledge in his/her life?
  6. Able to stand-out in a Crowd of Thousands?
  7. A Conceptual Thinker?
  8. An Innovator?
  9. Able to utilize God-gifted talents, properly?

If your answer is YES, then get your child registered in EFP!


Our Process

Elementary Foundation Program offers a unique opportunity to enhance and expand learning possibilities for children. Primarily focusing on the concept of Experience-based Learning, it aims to engage students in active, hands-on learning; integrating curricular goals with practical and consequential real-life experiences.

Our model of Experience-based encompasses a vast variety of learning activities, such as:

  1. Outdoor Education
  2. Adventure Learning
  3. DIY (Do it yourself) Projects
  4. STEAM Projects
  5. Group-based Learning Projects
  6. Cross-cultural Collaboration
  7. Exploration in Nature

This student-centric approach starts in the classroom, expands to the community, and finally takes the learning process into the real world at large; fulfilling the objective to actively engage young learners in a progressive education model.

Faculty members have created meaningful, curriculum-based activities to support the educational objectives; and it is our goal to prepare students to comprehend educational concepts and apply its knowledge to real life issues.

As you can see in the above figure, our process of involving children in bringing their learning to concrete experiences, makes EFP, innately, a unique program. It does not matter how much information we pour into their heads, what matters is, how much they can absorb and retain for a long time to apply in their lives.

Our Course Outline

We plan to build a solid base for our children in:


  1. Science Inquiries
  2. Science Experimentation
  3. Science Concepts
  4. Mathematical Problems Solving
  5. Geography
  6. Ecological sustainability

The Eligibility Criteria for Enrollment

  1. Homeschoolers
  2. School-going
  3. Differently-Abled Kids

Kids between the ages of 6-13 can get themselves registered.


Benefits for Homeschoolers

  1. A better understanding of compulsory subjects
  2. Being able to connect their academic learning with real-life challenges
  3. Preparing a solid base through experimentation and discussions of science and arts

Although most people have misunderstood the concept of homeschooling, it was meant to cultivate a trait of open-mindedness and openness to new experiences. This alternative method of learning is based on a personalized approach more than a structured one. We are glad to facilitate and encourage those parents who have chosen to jump off the bandwagon of conventional education and hop onto the possibilities within the world of homeschooling.

Benefits for School-going Kids

  • A conceptual understanding i.e. knowing more than isolated facts and methods
  • Reviving a forgotten treasure i.e. Urdu linguistics and Literature & Islamic Stories
  • Learning to see beyond grades & becoming an independent learner

Breaking limits of Marks and Grades – Shifting to Learning as a Joyful Experience!

Benefits for Differently-Abled Children

Kids who are labeled as ‘Failures’ or ‘Below Average’, can become ‘Superb’ by customized teaching methodologies depending upon the child’s interests and capabilities.


We have the tools to unleash their true potential!