Elementary Foundation Program

(For 7-12 Years Old)

EFP (Elementary Foundation Program) is a 180-hours intensive program following our LSP (Life Skills Program) for children from ages 7-12 years, for either, a) preparing home-schooled children for our EEP program and 2) strengthening school going children’s concepts in sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics through experiential learning.

The declining state of conventional education is leading our children to a failure of epic proportions. After rigorous studies, year after year, these students are still incapable of handling the adversities and realities of the outside world. On one hand, we are injecting millions of students within the global market, who are handicapped and paralyzed in the face of reality, and on the other hand, these children have adopted unhealthy habits which have reduced their spectrum of skill and talent to a pitiable state of dependency.

After gathering a plethora of degrees, when they enter into the high-paced, rapidly evolving market, their sense of self falls flatly to the ground. The parents of these children, who have invested decades of their lives and millions of their hard-earned money, into making the future of their young ones, are still left with dependent children who fail to build a self-sufficient life or maintain the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. The extraordinary price of being a part of this system is never-ending and never-decreasing.

The four major contributors to this fiasco are:

  1. Children have not been taught the tools and tactics of living a successful life.
  2. Children have been confined in thought due to their exposure to isolated subjects and bounded lessons.
  3. Children have been tamed to serve the system through jobs and corporate enslavement, as opposed to entrepreneurial ventures and initiatives.
  4. Children have been born and lived a life of dependency, embedding this habit into their professional lives, as well.

In such a scenario, an urgent need arises of creating a framework which integrates academic learning with real-life situations, to teach children how to translate their education into knowledge and wisdom. Furthermore, with time, another conundrum that is surfacing is the decades-long dedication to educational certifications and degrees, that leaves lesser time for an individual to experiment in the real world, hence, squeezing that time into a much shorter period has become imperative.

EFP aims to directly deal with the aforementioned issues at hand, and provide practical solutions to such problems of modern education.