About 3M Program


Our 9 Month 3M (Magnetism, Manners, and Morals Program with classes held every Sunday, focusing primarily on an experiential learning model to best communicate and convey the significance attached to the notion of ethics and etiquettes along with its specificities.

The program offers diversity in terms of age, gender, cultural background, and social class, for a rich learning experience for the students involved, allowing them to break barriers which the members of our society often face due to a lack of exposure and awareness of any ‘other’ they encounter.

A reasonably sized class also allows students to create a safe, inclusive and interactive environment where they can share, learn, question and grow together through this journey of betterment. Furthermore, through this group learning model, the energy along with its impact on change and improvement of every involved member is monumental as compared to what one would experience in a one-on-one interaction or a big crowd.

Verità also realizes the needs and limitations of its audience and hence essentially conducts classes which include a variety of activities ranging from role-plays, discussions, presentations to debates, games and group therapy sessions.

From the simplicity of a smile to the complexity of table manners, from honoring your commitments to fulfilling your promises and speaking the truth, Verità emphasizes creating the civilized world we once upon a time built and ruled. It highlights the need for a communal exchange of respect, compassion, and understanding through preaching and practicing ethics and morality in the form of honoring one’s commitments, honesty, integrity, fairness, justice, truthfulness, benevolence, kindness, generosity and more. Beyond worldly ranks and designations lie an adornment of character and persona which surpasses all, and allows an individual to stand out in a crowd of thousands. Our world yearns for the culture of high civility and highest standards of morality, the man was once meant to exhibit and practice, and those who raise these standards will become the brand ambassadors of their identity in all regards.

We are working on grooming our children to become the personification of civilization through effective and respectable communication, polishing of persona, the building of relationships, wisdom of social norms and an incomparable strength of character and high morals, that can open doors for them wherever they go and with whoever they interact.