3M – Magnetism, Manners, and Morals Program

(For 10-16 Years Old)

A considerable and widely evident rapid deterioration in the basics of personality and character development amongst the members of our society in today’s age and time gave birth to an idea dedicated to solely sowing the ‘seed’ of a brighter future within the minds and souls of our youth.

Verità aims to pave the path to a better world, by instilling the due respect and significance to pillars of manners and morality, which have sadly been thrown on the back seat in a race for certifications, degrees and lengthy resumes. We have miserably failed to embed a sense of etiquettes and ethics in our children and have seen the tragic repercussions in our personal and professional realms.

From the simplicity of a smile to the complexity of table manners, from honoring your commitments to fulfilling your promises and speaking the truth, Verità emphasizes creating the civilized world we once upon a time built and ruled. It highlights the need for a communal exchange of respect, compassion, and understanding through preaching and practicing ethics and morality in the form of honoring one’s commitments, honesty, integrity, fairness, justice, truthfulness, benevolence, kindness, generosity and more. Beyond worldly ranks and designations lie an adornment of character and persona which surpasses all, and allows an individual to stand out in a crowd of thousands. Our world yearns for the culture of high civility and highest standards of morality, the man was once meant to exhibit and practice, and those who raise these standards will become the brand ambassadors of their identity in all regards.
Trying earnestly to fix the flaws our competitive focus on higher numbers and better letters of grade have gifted us, we take this step to groom youngsters who will become magnets to opportunities in all areas and circles of their existence, attracting acknowledgment and awe on their every move that makes them the epitome of humanity.