dream big

As children we are introduced to a world of possibilities, where we can dream and imagine and anything can be what you want it to be. Your favorite teddy bear can be your little brother and your stroller can be your spaceship. A child isn’t afraid to live life at large. And then we grow up. And we compete with one another, and mostly, with ourselves. Amidst the rat race of life, we forget to dream and chase our wishes of childhood. We stop wanting to become names which will be remembered long after we are gone, and we choose to conform into ‘acceptable’ today.In the pursuit of acceptance, our way of perceiving our dreams drastically changes. And then we resort to the attitude of failure. “I give up!”. A phrase we hear far too many times, an emotion that overcomes all our hopes and desires and shatters our dreams to the floor, and a moment which can put all our efforts and hardwork to a mere halt. Though, we live our lives with a constant motivation to become someone, do something and change the world for the better, unfortunately, the lemons thrown at us by life aren’t always easy to dodge, and soon after, we tear apart our list of goals to achieve; and sit, broken down and hopeless.

Day in and day out we are met with people mocking our failures, images showing us our faults and words which destroy our morale. Our dreams are considered idealistic. Our futures overshadowed by our pasts and present. And our needs of survival pull us down from the heights of inspiration. How do we get back up and charge to victory? What can be done to convert these challenges into opportunities? And how can one save himself from constant discouragement and pressures of the people around?

The way out is to outshine the haters around and flash your worth in the face of fear! To create that success story of your life, you have to become invincible in the line of fire of all difficulties. To become an exemplary model, you need to share an attitude of ‘making it happen’ and ‘no more excuses’ with others so, in return, you can see the universe working its way to help make your wishes reality. And most importantly, you have to have a force and a vision so powerful which is constantly breathing life into your depressed and hopeless soul, that nothing can stop you from becoming that someone you want to be!
Grow out of fear. Chase your passion. Become someone special. Dream.