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Fat-Free Forever

About the Program:

One of the biggest self-image issues people have developed over the course of the era of social media has been regarding their weight. With unachievable standards placed all over media, men and women alike have been forced into slimming themselves down for social approval. The focus, however, needs to be diverted to being healthy, and void of any fat which brings along disease, lethargy, and a rigorous diet/exercise routine. This program is based on a time-tested, permanent and holistic weight loss method that allows individuals to achieve the pinnacle of their health, and gain total control over how much weight THEY wish to gain/lose or maintain.

Program Content:

  • Understanding Body Type
  • Effective Diet
  • Exercises which actually Help
  • Role of Hormones
  • Stressful Fat
  • Training the Mind
  • Keeping it Permanent
  • Priming the Body
  • Getting in control of your Body
  • Staying Fat-Free Forever
  • What matters the most

Who should Attend:

  • Health enthusiasts
  • Patients of Obesity
  • Moms wishing to lose pregnancy fat
  • Patients with Heart Disease
  • Thyroid problems or Diabetes
  • Individuals suffering from lack of energy, depression, stress due to unhealthy fat

Facilitator: Dr. Arsalan Shahid

QnA Session: Faiez H. Seyal


Aug 28 2021


10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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