Do you know who you are, really?

How often are we put into situations where we need to introduce ourselves, and our response is the typical, oh my name is this, my age is this, I belong to this city, school, area, etc. Interestingly, very rarely do we point out the things we actually chose for ourselves. We never say, “oh Hi, I am Hanna, I am a homeschooling mother of two, and a devoted counselor since a decade, submitting my life to making the life of others better and easier”, perhaps because if I say that, I would scare off most people. But I wonder, why don’t we introduce ourselves with the identity we chose for ourselves. Why don’t we highlight our identity as one which differentiates us from every other person in the world, which makes some uncomfortable, perhaps some confused, but mostly, makes people realize, okay, so this person is different.

You know why this matters? Because it is primarily this identity crisis- the biggest pandemic the entire world is facing since decades, unfortunately not even aware of- that is causing a plethora of problems we face on a daily basis. We don’t know who WE are, so we don’t know who we should be with. We don’t know who WE are, so we don’t know what career we should choose. And most importantly, we don’t know who WE are, so we don’t know what makes us happy. So, the next time someone asks, please introduce yourself. Pause. And say, Hi, I am unique, and this is who I chose to be

Hanna Seyal