Disease is Never Sudden

The world loses too many good people, every day, at the hands of unexplained, sudden attacks of psychological or physical diseases. Leaving their loved ones devastated, unprepared, and shocked at the turn of the events they are now left to deal with. But I fail to understand how anything can happen ‘suddenly’ in God’s systematically perfect natural world, premised on laws and governed by unchanging principles. How then are we ever left unanswered or unequipped to handle life? The answer is the cold and bitter truth- it can not.

While disease takes a toll on our physical self long into the journey of destruction, the deterioration begins well before it starts showing to the outer world. The first and most affected entity of any human being’s existence is his soul. And unfortunately, most often than not, we aren’t even aware of the death we have already died spiritually. Unknowingly, we are on our way to the “sudden” cardiac arrest or “shocking” cancer growth.

What entails spiritual death? The moment we stop seeing life as beautifully and positively as it is, the chains we stop letting go of which keep us locked up in the regrets and grudges of the past, and the minute we begin to selfishly live for ourselves than for the greater good of the society at large, we have already dug our graves deep and dark. The moment we realize the need of our soul, we start to live for what’s deep inside rather than the cloak we are carrying only for the duration of our stay in this life, that moment, we will gain utmost peace and wellness and cure the scars of our soul.

The fact of the matter is: God’s laws of nature can never be changed or manipulated, if the only man understands what these are and how they function, can one finally get what he wants all along – health and happiness.