Making a big change in life is pretty scary. You know what's even scarier? Regret!

Which road will you choose?

Every individual experiences a moment of calling in his life, where he stands at a crossroad to weigh the cost of change to that of no change. He can either opt to explore on undiscovered paths and unravel the treasures found, or he can continue on his monotonous journey of followership, blind behind hundreds treading on the same roads traveled most and traveled often.

In that moment of calling, where God gives you a chance to re-evaluate your life and benefit from the miracles lying behind the phenomenon of growth and change, most step back in fear of what might happen. Others, only take the plunge when those around them have done the same, so nothing unknown remains. Only few are lucky enough to take the leap of Faith, without a harness or safety net and land in heaps of opportunities awaiting these leaders and risk-takers.

This one moment saves you from regrets that most indulge in till their last breaths, hoping they had heard the calling, wishing they could go back to the crossroads and choose the scarier path, dreaming of the chance to relive their life without fear. These people are countless, lying on their deathbeds, nobodies, with common life stories and endless discontentment. The other group, is few, scattered, with tales unheard, some untold, some remembered as legacies and forces to be reckoned with, with lessons to impart and lives that are revered long after they are gone.

The difference is one and simple – some chose to hear the calling and welcome the new in their lives, no matter how horrifying it seemed at first, others, stayed hidden in the shadows of safety, never able to shine bright.