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Welcome to Verita – Holistic Health & LIVING SET IN STONE product page on River Stone handcrafted Engraved Healing Stones We believe in the power of natural materials and positive affirmations to enhance our well-being. Our River Stone Hand Engraving products are no exception – read on to learn more about what makes them so unique. River stones are smooth, rounded stones that have been naturally shaped by water over time. They are believed to have calming and grounding effects on the mind and body. Holding or meditating with a river stone can help reduce stress and anxiety while promoting a sense of balance and harmony. Our river stones are hand-picked from riverbeds and beaches, ensuring that each one is pure and natural. We offer stones in sizes ranging from 2-4 inches, making them the perfect size to hold in your hand or keep on your desk. Our stones come pre-engraved with ready-made words of positivity, such as “love,” “gratitude,” “peace,” and “joy.” With 50 words to choose from, you’re sure to find a word that resonates with you or your loved one. Our engravers take great care in handcrafting each stone with love and attention to detail. Each letter is carved into the stone with precision, creating a beautiful and lasting reminder of positivity. Our River Stone Hand Engraving products make excellent gifts for special occasions, or as personal reminders to stay focused on the good in life. They are also great for corporate gifts or as a way to add a touch of nature to your office space. For an extra special touch, we offer custom writing on our river stones for an additional price. Whether you want to add a personal message or your company logo, we can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Our gift boxes of 3 or more stones are a wonderful way to share the gift of positivity with loved ones. Each box is beautifully packaged and ready to be gifted. Thank you for considering Verita – Holistic Health & Living’s SET IN STONE, River Stone handcrafted Engraved Healing stones. We hope they bring you or your loved one peace, joy, and well-being.

How You can Use Our Stones

1. Decorative: River stones can be used to add a natural and organic touch to home decor. They can be used as accent pieces in vases, bowls, or as a filler for planters. Engraved river stones can also be used as part of a larger decorative display, such as a meditation altar or a personalized garden.

2. Inspirational: Engraved river stones can be used as a source of daily inspiration or motivation. They can be engraved with uplifting messages, affirmations, or quotes, and can be placed in various locations around the home or office as reminders of positivity.

3. Personalized Gifts: River stones can be engraved with personal messages, names, or dates, making them unique and thoughtful gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

4. Corporate Gifts: Engraved river stones can also be used as personalized corporate gifts for employees, clients, or customers. They can be engraved with company logos, slogans, or messages to serve as a memorable and meaningful gift.

5. Functional: River stones can be used in functional ways, such as paperweights, coasters, or doorstops. They can also be used as part of a unique and natural landscaping or design project.

6. Spiritual: Allah’s names and Prophets’ names are engraved on any of the above styles, to add the element of spirituality to a place, with the stone’s own natural positive grounding energy topped with the creator’s name set in stone.


Can you taste water?

Can you taste water?

Have you ever thanked God for the taste of water? Have you ever taken a sip, and paused with a smile on your face, just to admire and appreciate how refreshing simple water can be? A week back, I got run down with the seasonal flu and fever, something so basic in the list of illnesses, yet incredibly paralyzing, especially if you’re a mother to two hyper toddlers (the sick mom is an entirely different phenomenon, much under-appreciated and unacknowledged). In that week, I also got severely dehydrated, and could barely manage to walk without feeling dizzy. My husband being a doctor himself, was after me to drink as much water as I possibly could, but the tiniest sip would leave me disgusted for minutes. I couldn’t taste water. Yes yes, I know, water is supposed to be colorless, odorless, tasteless, but no, there IS a specific taste to water we have unfortunately refused to acknowledge for far too long. I couldn’t taste it, and I couldn’t drink it. I used to drink a sip every day, to see if I could taste water again, took me an entire week, and when I could… that’s the day, I paused, smiled and thanked God for this underestimated blessing.

It takes a week-long of a draining illness, to make a normal human being like myself, realize the beauty that is in something as incredibly mundane as water. In that moment, I realized, we human beings are such pathetic ingrates. We are so exceptionally ungrateful for the monumental amount of blessings surrounding our every breath and waking moment; we are so lost in the past or the future, and fail to recognize the abundance before us in the present, that we don’t thank God for breathing fresh air, till we have had a moment when we couldn’t, we don’t thank God for opening our eyes every day, till we have had a moment we couldn’t, we don’t even thank God for being able to take every single step, till a moment we are overcome with a debilitating disease that didn’t allow us to do these rudimentary steps of existence. We are ingrates to not recognize the countless reasons we have to be filled with gratitude, because we are too consumed in the reasons to be unhappy and miserable, and in that cloud of negativity, we only move towards more reasons to deny the bounties of God.

Do me a favor, rather, do yourself a favor. Pause. Take a deep breath of fresh air, and smile, and thank God. Pause. Close your eyes, and open them, absorb the nuances of colors surrounding you, and thank God. Pause. Take a sip of plain water, and enjoy it, taste it, and thank God, that you can do all this in this present moment, because many people just might not be able to.

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