14 12, 2016

Wrong Rat Race

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“Sorry, she is busy in her studies”, “You know how difficult the education has gotten for these children nowadays, she won’t be able to take out time for anything else”, “If only she could get all As, her life will be smooth sailing from there” – a numbered few quintessential phrases we get to hear […]

14 12, 2016

Wake Up Parents!

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I am a new mother. A mother of a beautiful baby girl whose every smile and every cry defines the movement of every cell in my body. Her pain fills every inch with an inconsolable ache, and her laugh removes the slightest grief and sorrow from the core of my existence. This new phase of […]

14 12, 2016

The Sad State of Marriages

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Ah! What beauty lies in silence! There I sat in my light brown couch on the wooden floor of my illuminated veranda, sipping on the warmth of my tea. The teeny tiny twinkling droplets fell poetically before me and I heaved a breath of fresh air amidst the crystal clear ambiance. In this picturesque setting, […]

14 12, 2016


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A prestigious degree draped over my shoulders, countless certificates and awards to my name, and excellence in my field of living day to day counseling others on matters of life, I carried along my name a confidence, a will and knowledge which minimized otherwise troublesome nuances of life into beautiful opportunities of growth, allowing me […]

14 12, 2016

Generation with a Golden Spoon

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“Mom! It’s way too hot for me to go outside!” the child exclaimed.

“But dear, who is asking you to go by foot, you have an air conditioned car parked right outside for your commute. If you keep lying around as you are now, you will never learn how to live in this world”, the mother […]

14 12, 2016

Family Bonding

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Back when I was a child, life was much simpler. My family would not feel the need to separate into smaller segments in order to find the “right” source of enjoyment over the course of the weekend. We would, instead, sit down together, all four of us, in the pleasant ambience of a family restaurant […]