14 12, 2016

Wrong Rat Race

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“Sorry, she is busy in her studies”, “You know how difficult the education has gotten for these children nowadays, she won’t be able to take out time for anything else”, “If only she could get all As, her life will be smooth sailing from there” – a numbered few quintessential phrases we get to hear […]

14 12, 2016

Wake Up Parents!

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I am a new mother. A mother of a beautiful baby girl whose every smile and every cry defines the movement of every cell in my body. Her pain fills every inch with an inconsolable ache, and her laugh removes the slightest grief and sorrow from the core of my existence. This new phase of […]

14 12, 2016

Men vs. Women

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Nowadays we are surrounded by this preposterous notion that men and women are quite similar in their physical, emotional and mental capabilities and need to be understood likewise as well. The horror of this ignorant thought has led me to write a brief introduction to one of the longest and strongest clash that has remained […]

25 03, 2016

Discover Yourself

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ایک ریسرچ کے مطابق پچھلے بیس سال میں اپنے کیرئیر سے مطمئن لوگوں کی تعداد میں80 فیصد کمی ہوئی ہے۔ 70 فیصد سے زیادہ لوگ اپنے کام سے متعلق ذہنی دباؤ کا شکار ہیں اور یہ ذہنی دباؤ ان کیلئے جسمانی اور نفسیاتی صحت کے حوالے سے مسائل پیدا کر رہا ہے۔
54 فیصد لوگ یہ […]

3 01, 2016

Marriages in 21st Century

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Surrounded by an accelerated downfall of the relationship that was to build and hold our society together, nowadays, we see the deterioration of families brick by brick into dysfunctional, broken and unhappy individuals. The glue which was to tie systems together has now withered away and we are left with an unfortunate fate of our […]