Our Holistic Living Books

Since 1996, Verità has introduced a variety of self-help books into the market for the common man to benefit from profoundly in his everyday life. From issues pertaining to career and success, to matters of marital and social relationships, Verità books have covered all realms to allow the readers to climb up the ladder in their professional and personal spheres. Our Best-Sellers like ‘The Road to Success’ have been translated into seven different languages all across the world to spread its vital message of self-discovery and self-improvement to all like-minded individuals who are searching for an author who has lived every word he has written and experienced every thought and emotion he has conveyed through those words.

Another one of our top favorites, ‘Together Forever’ has served as a valuable gift for newly-weds to make sure their special day is the beginning of an even more special life ahead. Our Holistic Living Books have affected the lives of hundreds of thousands globally, addressing the questions a layman has through very basic and common hardships and trials of life and answering the most simple of queries which hinder us from moving forward and achieving our set goals if left unattended.

Unlike any other available in the intellectual world, Verità has provided its customers with a guide to making the best of life at work and at home in a manner that is relatable and practical.

Some words from our readers are sufficient to glimpse through the impact our Holistic Living Books have had on its beneficiaries:

“It might take a few decades for people to understand the message these books convey, it is only for the gifted minds, as most will not understand its depth and significance.”

Ashfaq Ahmed (Author)

“When I saw Road to Success, I took a vacation, packed by bags, took a few days off from my job, left my phone and escaped to a deserted island in Bangkok to chalk out my plan for life, and there began a new chapter of my life journey.”

Kamran Khan

“I was reading a book on self-help, and they had recommended a few other related books; I was highly disappointed when I figured all others were about the same, big car, big money philosophy. The Road to Success was last in the list, and I held a similar opinion that this, too, would be surrounding the same notion all others had. But page after page, I was left dumbfounded, it was everything no one else had ever spoken about. It was everything my heart always desired.”


“It is a norm in our house to read a few pages of The Road to Success everyday, and over a period of 20 years, I can see how my children have grown to be different from the rest, because of this.”

Mrs. Mazhar

“I was always different from others, and before stumbling upon Verità Books, I constantly felt rejection and disapproval from the crowd. However, once I read these, I realized, this is the truth, and I am not alone. I found these words to be extremely close to heart and reflecting my instinctive emotions and nature to the highest degree. I always wished a Muslim author would highlight these issues and provide the learnings we already have through religion for a positive living, and when I found that, I couldn’t be happier.”

Sundus Ali

As the Verità team expands to include members from other niches and expertise, we are looking forward to inducting more gems as publications into the intellectual arena on topics of marriage, health, successes of life, change and growth, organic food and much more so Verità can continue influencing hundreds of thousands of people to strive for a healthier and more positive living.