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11 01, 2018

Change Now or Regret Later

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Which road will you choose?

Every individual experiences a moment of calling in his life, where he stands at a crossroad to weigh the cost of change to that of no change. He can either opt to explore on undiscovered paths and unravel the treasures found, or he can continue on his monotonous journey of followership, […]

11 01, 2018

Smart Technology or Smart People?

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In our younger years of schooling, the genius in the mathematics class would magically calculate the most complicated of equations in his head in a matter of seconds, and leave the others dumbfounded at his superior grasp on the subject. As time passed, that genius vanished amidst a world driven by technology and we were […]

11 01, 2018

Choose Your Lovestory

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Divorce. Separation. Unhappy Marriages. Late Marriages. The Torment of Rishta Hunting. Fights and Abuse. Here are some of the many ills this society is drowning in due to the collapse of the Marriage Institution. We are driven by images, stories and fantasies of the media to search for a happy ever after amidst a havoc […]

11 01, 2018

Shine out of the Crowd – Yes You Can!

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Nowadays, a man’s drive and motivation to achieve is constantly put into doubt and question by countless obstacles in his road to success. Day in and day out, he is faced with numerous challenges, negativity and uncertainty which puts his passion into a whirlwind of ifs and maybes. Every time one bounces on a trampoline […]

14 12, 2016

Wrong Rat Race

By |December 14th, 2016|Factual, Family, Health|0 Comments

“Sorry, she is busy in her studies”, “You know how difficult the education has gotten for these children nowadays, she won’t be able to take out time for anything else”, “If only she could get all As, her life will be smooth sailing from there” – a numbered few quintessential phrases we get to hear […]

14 12, 2016

Wake Up Parents!

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I am a new mother. A mother of a beautiful baby girl whose every smile and every cry defines the movement of every cell in my body. Her pain fills every inch with an inconsolable ache, and her laugh removes the slightest grief and sorrow from the core of my existence. This new phase of […]

14 12, 2016

The Sad State of Marriages

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Ah! What beauty lies in silence! There I sat in my light brown couch on the wooden floor of my illuminated veranda, sipping on the warmth of my tea. The teeny tiny twinkling droplets fell poetically before me and I heaved a breath of fresh air amidst the crystal clear ambiance. In this picturesque setting, […]