Family Legacy in Education

The family legacy of teaching, coaching, mentoring and spirituality continues for over 150 years and in three generations…….

Faiez Hassan Seyal is a grandson of Nazar Muhammad Seyal, a renowned educationist. Nazar Muhammad Seyal founded the first-ever school for boys in Eminabad, Distt Gujranwala, which later became a high school and was nationalized. He was an MA in Islamic Studies, MA in Arabic and MA in English Literature and an M.Ed. Although he was given many opportunities to move to government service in Lahore, he decided to stay in his hometown for the service of his people. He remained the headmaster of the school till his retirement. As a result, he was appointed the Honorary Chairman of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. During his Haj in the late 50’s (probably 1956), he was invited by Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, then the Crown prince of Saudi Arabia on a dinner hosted for an elite gathering of Hujjaj. Nazar Muhammad Seyal was asked to deliver a keynote speech, which he did in the Arabic language. He was awarded a prestigious award. He authored over 50 books in diverse subjects including Islam, Geography, English grammar and composition, etc. He remained a teacher by choice until his death on January 03, 1980. He is buried in Eminabad, close to the school, he founded. His death anniversary is marked as a local holiday in Eminabad.