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Holistic Health and Living

Personal Coaching

Customized one-on-one personal sessions with trained coaches who offer solutions to problems ranging from career, success, entrepreneurship, personal finances, business, relationships, parenting, personal growth, and healing. These hour-long sessions have proved to be incredibly effective with a promise of privacy and confidentiality, along with unparalleled support and individualized guidelines for improvement. Read More

Programs & Webinars

Programs (online and onsite) have been designed of varying durations and a range of topics to fit the interest and need of a diversity of audience within the national and international arena. These programs are extremely enlightening, interactive, engaging and have facilitated thousands of inspiring success stories with massively positive effects. Read More

Our Books

Our founder, Faiez H. Seyal, is a renowned author with 13 books, of which 'The Road to Success' has been recognized as a national best-seller in Pakistan. These books are ideal self-help guides for those wanting to change their life in a happier, healthier way towards growth and betterment in their career, relationships and personal development. Visit Store


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Online Courses


Retreat with Faiez

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Holistic Success

Business & Career

Business & Career

From the very basics of materializing an idea into a startup the venture to more elaborate specificities of establishing a career successfully; with persistent growth and prosperity, every individual requires guidance from experience and insights of those who have lived the learnings in their own lives for decades. Fresh-grads, management, employees, employers, entrepreneurs, no matter who you are, we have time-tested recipes to offer you for success!

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Holistic Health

Health & Wellness


Health & Wellness

One of the biggest concerns of current times is the attainment of health amidst a long list of choices for treatment and therapy. From physical illnesses as simple as the common flu to something as fatal as cancer and emotional illnesses as prevalent as depression and as crippling as anxiety; one is often pushed to wonder what method of prevention and cure can work best for them. Verita has successfully facilitated the cure of infertility, cancer, anorexia, depression, obesity, and more.

Holistic Relations

Love & Relationship


With time, we have seen a sharp deterioration in the quality of our relationships with family and friends, incredibly affected by the surrounding factors in our professional and personal lives. Family bonding has withered away, marriages are always on the brink of collapse, and families have crumbled into pieces. However, this prime social aspect determines the success of our careers and health but is often left unattended and ignored.


Holistic Education & Upbringing

Children and Parenting


We have a complete buffet of short to long-duration programs for both “Schooled“ and the “Unschooled/Homeschooled“.

The generation of today is by far the most difficult to raise, and particularly so because the ones raising them to have no idea on how to go about the parenting process. Although one of the biggest jobs any individual has to do, parenting is often thrown in the backseat, and the effects are disastrous, to say the least. Verita has been working in childhood development, education, homeschooling, parenting, and teen training for over 10 years.



Holistic Learning

Upcoming Events

Holistic Learning

Books & Resources

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