The Process - Verita SOUL

The Process

Once a week children aged 4 to 14 will learn in an outdoor and natural environment, skills that help build their confidence, self esteem and polish their creativity while preparing them for the real life challenges. Every Week children will learn the hands on techniques and practice them in a safe, motivational and inspirational environment. Learning and practicing these skills will not only help them build a strong personal image and personality, but also create a positive impact over their academics and usual school performances. Our programs are flexible and according to the needs and challenges faced by our children.

21st century is the century of skills. Corporations are seeking for the professionals who can think differently, solve problems and take decisions. In the field of entrepreneurship soft skills like communication skills, analytical skills and social skills are always in demand. At home, to become self-disciplined, self-reliant and independent person, these skills are very crucial. The people who have done tremendous work in their lives and left the legacy are the ones whose environment was natural. Here at SOUL, we aim to create that environment in which children can think clearly, precisely and put their imagination into practice through experimentation. The environment which we create is “student centric” instead of “teacher centric”. Children are free to express their feelings, thoughts and experiences.

At Verita-SOUL, our sessions based on the theme “Back to basics”.

Because of the fact that children’s minds are not built to sit for hours and hours and listen to instructions rather exploring new things. Children learn skills by following three ways

  • Exploration in nature
  • Experimentation
  • Outdoor play

At the end of the day (each Saturday), children review their whole day activities and share learnings from their own unique perspective. This is how they learn to express and presentation skills. They are encouraged to give opinions and ideas. Then they pick one “key learning” of the day and practice it during the week time.

Sessions for SOUL’s Parents

Taking full responsibility for your child’s learning and growth can’t be possible without grooming yourself. Verita-SOUL offers extensive seminars once in a month for parents to learn and grow. These seminars are designed for all people, while mandatory for SOUL’s parents. Parenting doesn’t far exceed than personal development. Parents learn and develop to better perform their roles at home.

During the One Year Program, We Offer the Following

  • Identification of the child’s Interests.
  • Identification of the child’s personality preference.
  • Basic Manners, attitudes and ethics.
  • Focusing on the Development of the child’s natural talent and skills.
  • Confidence Building and speaking.
  • Group Presentation opportunities.
  • Communication skills.
  • Storytelling and Personal Experiences sharing.
  • Creativity and Problem Solving outdoor and indoor games.
  • In Boys Group only: Hands on work on Key masculine skills such as basic home repairing, knowledge about vehicles and automobile, cycling, men outdoor physical games, wood work, electrical works, farming, animal handling, riding, computer trouble shooting.
  • In Girls Group only: Hands on work on Key feminine skills such as knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, painting, drawing.

English to be basic medium of instruction – Children will not be given any home work. They will learn all the skills hands on during the sessions. During the working week at home or at school, they will practice all the skills and behaviours.

We expect that parents shall play their key role during the process, and observe their child at home or during any other family or community gathering. Any feedback from the parents on the change in behaviour and attitude of the child shall be extremely helpful.