Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have a list of skills covered in two broad segments i.e. Soft and Hard Skills
Soft Skills
  • Communication
  • Presentations
  • Creativity
  • Team work
  • Negotiations
  • Stress Management
  • Health management
  • Eating habits
  • Personal Organizing
  • Etiquettes and Manners
  • Dealing with difficult people
Hard Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Paintings
  • Pottery Designing
  • Artistic writing (calligraphy and designing)
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Sewing, fashion designing (basics and professional)
  • Wood works (basics and professional)
  • Electrical works (basics and Professional)
  • Farming (basics and professional)
  • Self Defence and personal protection
  • Framing (paintings and art work)
  • Market knowledge (for buying and selling)
  • Home production of basic use items
  • Home Management Skills
These skills are taught in sequence and according to the needs of the children i.e. according to the age requirements of the children.
These programs are arranged once a day in the week. Currently these programs are offered on every Saturday.
These programs are held at our custom build “Learning Resource Centre” (LRC). LRC is located within a compound covering an area of 8 Kanals. It includeds 2 one kanal each playing and simulation lawns, a complete dedicated double story Learning Resource Centre building, a one kanal animal shed and another one kanal for children activities.
Our faculty of facilitators include professionals from the field of Human Behaviour, Psychology, Medicine, Management, Engineering, Islamic Studies and languages. It is only “passion to enrich the lives of the next generation” that can bring together these professionals under one roof and develop a future par excellence.
During the programs parents will not be accompanying the children. However, they will be invited whenever required. Or parents can request a one to one meeting with the head of SOUL.
No – Verita SOUL Life Skills for Children is not in competition with the existing schools and school systems. Children who go to schools learn academics such as they go through a course of study. At SOUL we are providing the much needed support to the children and parents in getting their children to learn Basic Skills of life that will help them trade better in their academics and is intended to provide impetus to the academic interest.
Our starting age is 6 years and we take children uptil 10 years of age. Ideally if a child has joined at 6 years must stay with us till age 10. During these four years, the child will go through 48 session in a year and almost 192 sessions in 4 years. However, if a child starts at age 9 he/she will have shorter duration of stay with us.
Yes – depending upon the interest of the parents and if there are other areas that need to be still covered, the child can be entered into a different league of children and may continue.
SOUL will operate on every Saturday from 1000hrs to 1500hrs.
It all depends on the interests of the child. The organic modal does not allow to dictate the children and bound in a class. It rather helps the children to go free during the time and under the supervision of a skilled facilitator go through the process of learning the skills.
No children will not be carrying any food from home. They will be served at LRC. This is a special feature of the school as all the food is organic and no processed food be served to the children. Food as we know plays a very important role in the behaviour of human beings, so we will take special responsibility for preparing and serving food to the children.
No the children will not wear any uniform. They will come in casual cloth. However, we will stressed that they are decently and well dressed and must carry an additional pair of cloths with them.
Yes, if they wish to. Bag can include their basic items. However, it is not a requirement. If there is anything, administration will inform beforehand.
Children will be perfectly secure within the premises and no child shall be left unattended during the day. All the doors are securely closed during program.
After every three months a progress shall be shared with the parents. The progress will be shared in given points of learning.
Parents will play a very important role. They will provide the conducive environment to their child at home where he/she could practice and polish the skills he is learning. Parents are also encouraged to share any special behaviour at home or at academic institute with the SOUL administration. These behaviours can be positive or negative. Both will help the SOUL to take appropriate action.
We do not advise this to happen as it will not only be financially expensive, but also be of no use for the child and parents. As children are need time to adjust at a new place and must be given time to learn and practice the skills.
Yes, a record shall be kept for each attendance.
For children who are older than 10 years. You can enrol them in our residential fun camps arranged every summer in summer breaks.
Yes. Since we live in a heterogeneous world and our children are to be exposed to the world where there are people of different age groups and backgrounds, we give exposure to children in the same manner in a session. In one class students of different age groups and backgrounds sit together and learn. We believe that different aged group people learn from each other’s experiences and behaviours.
Fee structure is as follows:
Fee per month 8,500/-
Security Deposit 5,000/- refundable
Registration Fee 10,000/- non refundable onetime payment
Yes, discount and special packages details are as follows:
For First 15 Admissions
25% discount on Monthly fee for one year

Siblings Discounts (brothers or sisters or brother and sister)
20% discounts

6 months monthly fee deposit at once
25% discount

One year monthly fee deposit at once
35% discount

Please note that at one time only one discount can be availed