Verità-SOUL (School of Organic & Universal Learning)

Every Saturday

For Your Child to Learn Core Life Skills and Have High Self Esteem, Autonomy, Confidence, be Successful in Life and role model for the Society at Large.

 The demands of the changing world has put an enormous pressure over the current and future generations to get ready before jumping into the real world. The real world is fast, demanding and full of surprises. When we step into the real world there are not as many areas of work as there are people. So each one has to get into the same work as anyone or most of others are doing. That not only increases a competition for space but also a fight for survival. But those who have skills and capacity to endure the pressure and steam through the test. There are unfortunately not many who have those skills and capacities. Our children need to learn those skills and develop capacities. These skills complement the world of academics and prepare the child for the real world. These are called Life Skills.

World Health Organization (WHO) defined Life Skills as life skills are abilities that help us to adapt and behave positively so that we can deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life.

Verita SOUL