Health & Wellness

Verita introduces a nuanced perspective of health and wellness into the health society for cures and solutions which are natural and permanent. The concept of holistic health provides a holistic treatment to, and understanding of health by combining mind, body, heart, and soul in its quest of dealing with all sorts of diseases. This approach amalgamates teachings of science, religion, psychology, psychiatry, and spirituality into one complete model which deals with every unturned stone left to rid the faintest hint of input which could build or exasperate disease in an individual.

Verita does not believe in trimming problems with medicines and quick solutions, instead, it promotes positive living in order to treat health concerns at their grass root level. Through a change in lifestyle, individuals are able to achieve unparalleled forms of wellness which have astounding impacts on their relationships and career, as well.

Program Titles and Major Contents

Following is the list of a few of the programs that we have conducted.

  • 360 Degree Wellness: We introduce our participants to our 360 Degree Model which sheds light on a holistic approach to health. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence, all connected, have certain rights and needs which have to be catered to in order that we achieve the highest possible form of health, happiness and wellness. The cure to all diseases and illnesses and the answers to all burning health issues lie in this reality. We have cured obesity, diabetes, infertility, cancer, arthritis, depression and many more diseases through this understanding.
  • Happy Pregnancy: Happy Pregnancy caters to the most pressing questions of today related to natural pregnancy and childbirth. Building upon the positive impact gained from this high demand program, Verita has formed an entire project under name the ‘Verita-BIRTH’ to assist the all natural birthing process for expectant mothers where we have successfully facilitated VBAC (Natural birth after 1 and 2 C-Sections) – a rarity in today’s world of modern medicine, as well as 100% natural delivery for first time mothers. This program is all-encompassing with focus on pre-requisites of pregnancy, relationship management during pregnancy, a guideline for fathers, do’s and don’ts during pregnancy, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tips to ease the pregnancy, effective parenting during pregnancy, dealing with cases of infertility for healthy conception and much more.
  • Less is More: Without the killer diets, the exhausting exercises and the completely traumatizing relapse of obesity again and again, this time-tested technique for weight loss promises a healthier you. We teach our participants to train their minds and their bodies for the optimum weight they desire and need; and enlighten them with the facts of healthy food, lifestyle, emotions and thoughts. Through these learnings, we have success stories that have achieved and maintained their outstanding weight loss over mere weeks.
  • Back to the Beginning: Stemming from groundbreaking medical research where doctors have only recently admitted to rising beyond mere focus on the body whilst treating diseases like cancer, depression, obesity, infertility and more, this program highlights the most important aspect of total wellness – a healthy soul. In this pursuit of healing one’s soul, an individual is gifted with an eradication of negative feelings like of unhappiness, grief, resentment, grudges, laziness, purposelessness and hopelessness. This 3 hour eye-opening seminar introduces us to this beautiful understanding of what wellness really means.
  • Decoding Disease: We often spend millions on trimming the leaves of disease and illness, often failing to reach to the root of the problem, hence, staying utterly tied up in the vicious cycle of temporary recovery and gradual decline of health into a state of no return. Going back to the cause and dealing with the very source of our ailment is the key to permanent health and wellness, and this 3 hour seminar aids individuals in deciphering just that.
  • Master Your Emotions: It is no secret that our ability to understand and manage our emotions leads to success in our personal and professional life, however, neuroscientists have recently further discovered a strong mind-body connection behind this phenomenon. Therefore, emotions aren’t mere feelings of the heart, but are the result of a very real and profound manipulation of complex brain processes which govern how you feel and in what way you react to those feelings. So, the question arises, how can we control our brain to make us feel and act right, and how can we train our minds to rid itself of all negative emotions?
  • Mind at Peace, Life at Ease: We are constantly bombarded with countless reasons that can become the cause of our worries, apprehension and anxiety as we interact with other people and circumstances beyond our control. The art of stress management is no longer a luxurious piece of knowledge you may or may not choose to attain in life, but a dire necessity for your wellbeing as well as for successful functioning in the roles given to you. Mind at Peace, Life at Ease highlights those key mechanisms of conquering the beast of anxiety and stress which lives in all of us before it takes over our relationships, career and personal happiness.
  • Modern Health: The notion of health and wellness today is exceptionally different than that of the past. With conventional medicines taking our consumption patterns by storm and medical experts rising to levels above the common man, one would often wonder why then we have disease and illness more widespread than ever before. The answer is simple, health and wellness have become a business in today’s world, and we have forgotten where the cures lie. This seminar will open your eyes to the truth hidden beneath thrones of pharmaceuticals and the medical industry.
  • Eat what you Want to Be: Most of you would have heard the commonly uttered phrase, ‘You are what you Eat’, but we rarely pay heed to the significant undertones this states. The current situation of the society and the baffling prevalence of evil and sin should be a clear proof as to what we are constantly feeding our bodies, and hence, the impact being created from that inorganic, unnatural, harmful diet. Unfortunately, our ignorance, involuntary or voluntary, is affecting us far more than we choose to comprehend.
  • Ancient Chinese Cupping Therapy: Introducing the detox of Hijamah as an Alternative Healing mechanism for all diseases, we have entered a new realm of Health and provide a unique understanding of this Sunnat along with our 360 Degree Model of Wellness for complete, permanent wellbeing for our participants.
  • Coping with Stress: Stress has become the most commonly experienced emotional illness in this century, so much so that this is no longer considered a disorder and rather, simply an emotional fact. Unfortunately, this pervasive condition is responsible for headaches, migraines, fatigue, depression, anxiety, lack of productivity in work and college, as well as for leaving a massive impact on our relationships, mental health (lack of concentration, ADHD, lack of focus etc.) and general wellbeing. Learn the tactics and techniques for kicking stress out of your life.
  • Health Goes Wireless: Comprehending the impact all wireless gadgets have on our health which is causing alarming diseases like infertility, cancer, depression, anxiety and arthritis, we have formed a platform where truth pertaining to all health matters is revealed and communicated to all those interested to learn and improve their lives. Wireless technology might have made our lives easier, but the price we are paying for this convenience and comfort might be greater than one we can afford.
  • Anger Management: A byproduct of the constant exposure to daily stressors, the emotion of anger has become unbelievably and worryingly common in individuals across gender, age and ethnicity. This anger leads to disastrous effects on relationships, career, personal health and wellbeing and is translated into miserable episodes of emotional abuse, violence, drug intake, suicide attempts, crime and more. Therefore, anger management is a dire need of the time, as seconds of patience and control can reap positive benefits for the society at large.
  • Healing Beneath the Rhythm: We are surrounded by sounds, pleasant or distressing, through every minute of our existence and the effects these have on our wellbeing often go unacknowledged, but not unfelt. Sound therapy is a phenomenon which has not been used for healing as commonly as other methodologies, however, the power that lies beneath different forms of rhythms is magnificent and this 4 hour session is a particular eye-opener for those interested to learn the significant impact of the most basic sounds like of waterfall, chirping birds, gushing trees and more.
  • Eat Right, Stay Bright: Highlighting the significance food plays in our everyday lives, Verita aims to present the realities of the food industry to its participants by opening their eyes and minds to what truly comprises healthy food. Our physical reality is largely based on the type of food consumption we indulge in, and unfortunately, we remain oblivious to how we are harming our health in the name of food. After all, you are what you eat, are you sure you are eating the right thing?
  • Back to Basics: Experience the thrill of living the simple life by joining us for a residential workshop which will take you back to the golden times when communication was between people and not gadgets – the pre-technology era which promised much happiness, health and harmony. From enjoying organic food, to meeting nature unlike ever before, from appreciating basic facilities of life to seeking pleasure from every bit of the natural environment – this will be an experience you will never forget!
  • Live Free: Learn the Art of Mind Sciences to train yourself for a happier, healthier life. Free yourself from all fears, phobias, anxieties, bad memories of the past, childhood experiences that haunt you to date, abuse, regrets, anger, hatred, grudges and every negative emotion which is holding your back from succeeding and living free!