Family and Children

Stepping one step further from the notion of ‘achieving success’, Verità understands the dire need of the society to better comprehend the significance attached to the sacred institution of marriage, parenthood, and familial tranquility. It is through these mediums that a man can maintain and sustain his success for the long haul. Extending the philosophy of human psychology as in the concept of Career and Success, this area signifies the fulfillment of a basic human need, an emotional need – the need for relationships and affection. The woman, be it the mother, the wife or the daughter, defines the ambiance of tranquility and harmony within the bounds of a home and family. While a man strives to present all requirements for a house, the woman converts that beautifully into a home, and the adornments needed to do so, in the form of good marital relationships, healthy parent-child bonding, or general familial serenity, is brought forth by her.

Destiny isn’t what has been given to us, but what we eventually do with the ingredients provided to us by God Almighty for a master cuisine or a disastrous dish. To ensure we design the former, it is essential to assign equal, if not more, important to the people around us. Therefore, individuals carving their personal or family destinies, show determination for growth in personal or relational realms. Keeping this in mind, we offer a variety of workshops on issues ranging from the art of parenting, the tools of positive nurturing, the perplexities of dealing with difficult teenagers, the guide to leaping into a promising, long-lasting marital bond and the complications which arise soon after one has embarked on the journey without realizing what it truly means. Therefore, Verità revolves around three imperative bonds: person to person, family to family and person to family relationships, which can become the greatest source of joy and comfort for an individual or the biggest form of regret, unhappiness and emotional chaos.

Program Titles and Major Contents

Following is the list of a few of the programs that we have conducted.

  • Building Blocks of Marriage: Bonding in marital relationships, communicate effectively, making decisions together, understanding each other, developing trust and respect, growing strong family ties, overcome life’s trials together, maintaining a happy and successful relationship.
  • Parenting for Today’s Generation: The art of raising Wired kids, recognizing the cause of behavioral and personality issues in a child, balancing exposure and protection from the evils of the society, becoming aware of today’s challenges, bridging the generation gap, bonding between parent and child, parenting and media etc.
  • Parenthood: Nurturing trust and self-esteem in a child, raising smart children, a child’s different stages and it’s needs, personality type of a child, do’s and don’t’s of parenting etc.
  • Men are from Makkah Women are from Madinah: Understanding men and women psyche, their behaviors in all relationships, learning to communicate, a better understanding for a happy relationship, knowing personality differences.
  • Together Forever: Purpose of marriage obligation, handling of a spouse, maintaining romance throughout the life, balancing work and home, roles of husband and wife, growing together
  • Learning to Live in a Joint Family System: Joint family vision and values, understanding each other’s family strengths, joint decision making, educating and dealing with in-laws, etc
  • Marrying them Right – Principles of Choosing Your Soul Mate: Knowing one’s personality/preferences, finding of compatible mate/family, the chemistry of relationship, attracting the right person/family in your life, the science of mind, what to compromise, if you must, MBTI Test, etc.
  • From Schooling to Education: The Art of grooming and nurturing child, education beyond schooling, tips for a successful future, enhancing child’s special strengths, getting rid of tuitions, opening new possibilities and horizons for your child.
  • Closer Together: The Art of win-win communication, conflict resolution, fixing relationships, difficulty in handling people, a no-nuisance life, a peaceful marriage free from fights and arguments, dodging misunderstandings, learning and speaking the language of love.
  • Challenges for Busy or Absent Parents: Coping with busy routine and bonding with a child, making a disciplined child, understanding and catering emotional needs of the child, consequences of parents distressed moods and attitudes, difficulty in maintaining work-life balance, dealing with child’s needs, facing difficulty in academics, child’s behavioral issues.
  • Marriages in 21st Century: Reasons of the downfall of marriages, consequences on our society, increased divorce rates, separations, dysfunctional families, solutions for stopping marital breakdown, saving from unhappy marriages and unhappy family etc.
  • Parenting for the Fast and the Furious: Providing clean entertainment, keeping children engaged all the time, saving children from ever growing ills of the society, doing excellent parenting while managing work and home, nurturing high morals, making a child successful in this challenging world.
  • Raising Future Leaders: Instill leadership qualities, polishing personality traits, character strength, nurturing social intelligence, increase in self-worth and self-esteem, better display of confidence, greater ability to grasp new concepts, dealing with life adversities, emotional control, empathetic behavior.
  • Identity Crisis in Children:
  • Growing Children with Grit:
  • Parents as Leaders:
  • Widen Your Children’s World:
  • Home Environment – Haven or Hell:
  • Raising Well Balanced Kids:
  • Balanced Parenting: 
  • Building Your Child’s Bright Future:
  • Finding Your Soulmate: Finding perfect partner, matching values, forming an ideal relationship, the difference between a spouse and a soulmate, reasons of delayed marriages, means to a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling marriage.
  • Accept Me as Who I AM: Understanding Human Differences, Differences between men and women psychology and their behaviors, better understanding of every relationship, accept all differences with open heart etc.
  • Looking for Mr and Mrs. Right: People who are tired from traditional Rishta ‘Hunting’ process and wants someone who can understand them from inside and not by looking material stuff, come to this popular program, where they understand the importance of saying ‘I do’. The key points to look into their spouse totally change their perspective towards a long-lasting relationship.
  • Language of Marriage: People who think their partner does not understand them completely and it becomes extremely difficult to communicate with each other to understand their point of view and so are unable to show their feelings to each other, often make them think it is entirely difficult to live together but this program gives hope to all hopeless couples who want to give a new start to their relationship that lasts long.
  • How to Talk so Children Listen: It is entirely important to have a bond with your child if you want him to listen to you as an obedient child. The bond which creates a deep-seated trust between parents and child help both to understand each other’s language and they learn to negotiate on equal terms. More importantly, a demanding role of parents of telling right and wrong to a child without creating resentment in him is a true challenge of this time for all age groups. This program helps parents to understand the need of their child and to further polish him/her for a better tomorrow.
  • Right Parenting is Important: Parents who want to see their child happy, healthy and obedient are blessed with this kind of program where they can learn to make their child smart and intelligent as student, confident, expressive and motivated as an adult and a responsible and an indispensable part of the society by just doing the right parenting.
    Love Yourself, Love Others: This fast-paced life and so-called modern era have lost our identities and we forget how to trust even at ourselves and lost the connection of caring and loving each other as a human being. In this identity crisis, we need to find who we are and what makes us different and unique. It is critical to know our own value and power to come out from moods, depression, self-doubts, and regrets.
  • Man Proposes, God Disposes: A Feelshop which puts our entire life back into perspective and opens our eyes to the reality of the power of God Almighty. We often quote the Holy Quran stating, ‘You plan and then Allah plans, Allah is the Best of Planners’, highlighting the limitations man has in his wisdom of understanding what is good for him and, consequently, the decisions he makes to implement his sparse grasp on reality, ends up in a mount of unpredicted awry results.
  • The Right One: A Feelshop dedicated to all bachelors aspiring for the ‘right’ marriage is a beautiful blend of comedy, romance and drama which highlights the wrong choices we often end up making for the wrong reasons, however, realizing what ‘right’ entails before it’s too late, can be the most difficult yet most amazing moment of your life.
  • Better Late than Never: Man spends his every waking minute earning for, working for, building a living for his family, but amidst this rat race of fulfilling his obligations, he often forgets the very important role he was supposed to play all along – bonding with his family.
  • Heaven on Earth: Why Allah has blessed us with families? The question people often do not ask in the rat race of building only the living for the family. This 4-day residential program teaches the art of cultivating happier and healthier families who learn together and make mission statement of the family for better growth of each member of the family and avail opportunities to come closer to each other and help to have purposeful life for everyone. This retreat brings excitement, fun, bonding and moments you never been thought before for the whole family.
  • Summer Camp: Our 6-Day residential program for teenagers (boys and girls both) is the best-loved by the parents and the kids. The topmost priority of the families during the summer vacations is to send their children to Verita’s Summer Camp and make them outstanding and unique from inside out. Children learn who they are, what the purpose of their life is, what are their roles and responsibility and how to fulfill those. They learn to build their own identity and the right character that make them incompatible from all other kids around. The fun and excitement of 6 days give children a lifetime experience and the promising change not only brings positivity in the kid but in his/her entire family.