Career and Success

Masters in the field of Human Behavior, Psychology of Peak Performance, Mind Sciences, Change Management, Entrepreneurship, Career Establishment and Success Sustainability, Verità has contributed immensely to raising individuals, companies, and organizations to their highest potential. Acquiring the concept of ‘achieving success’ from Faiez Seyal’s Best-Seller, ‘The Road to Success’, this area highlights the traits and pursuits each man sets out to attain in his life in order to fulfill the responsibilities bestowed upon him within his role of being an individual, parent, spouse, sibling, child, so on and so forth. Within this platform, Verità has successfully helped multinationals, private and public organizations along with countless individuals to reach to the top of their professional hierarchy, leave a legacy in their personal realms and maintain supremacy within their spheres of excellence.

Furthermore, stemming from the theories of psychology, and standing true to the ideology Verita is built upon, that of human behavior, this particular area also signals towards the core, the emotional and biological need of man – the need for achievement. In the pursuit of satisfying this need, man eagerly dives into a world of learning and growth for his personal and professional endeavors. A wide variety of programs are offered under this umbrella which facilitates individuals in climbing up the ladder by dealing with matters such as of Self Discovery, Personality Development, Maintaining Professional Decorum, Exhibiting Emotional and Ethical Intelligence, Being Money Smart, Becoming People Smart, Decision Making, Developing a Self Brand, Business Growth and Development and many more.

Program Titles and Major Contents

Following is the list of a few of the programs that we have conducted.

  • You are Special: Laws of nature related to self-discovery, Process of self-discovery, finding your values, unleashing your passion, developing your mission statement, knowing the purpose of your life etc.
  • Please Understand Me: Four pairs of personality types, personality types based on four sets of differences, strengths, and weaknesses of each, how differing preferences affect our daily choices and behavior.[/modal]
  • Pathos for Success: The art of winning friends, influencing people. And be ‘IN DEMAND’ person, while getting equipped with emotional intelligence, a buzz word of 21st century.
  • Being Money Smart: Money management, Best investment options, Sustaining the abundance, Spending and saving wisely, Effective budgeting, SMART buying etc.
  • Money Matters: Understanding the economic system, Knowing the relationship between money and happiness, Learning the art of creating abundance and prosperity, Identifying the Halal and Haram elements of any business, Discovering ways to enhance RIZQ, Being wealthy.
  • The Road to Success: Crafting an inspiring life, Achieving greatness, Establishing your own name, Developing a strong belief, Learning the core ingredients of success, Living a passionate, happy and regret-free life.
  • The Leader in You: Learning to discipline yourself, Accepting the responsibility of your life, Managing your time, Shaping your destiny, Knowing the effective communication methods, Living with synergy, Handling change and growth, Leadership habits.
  • Ethos for Success: Everlasting traits that guarantee sustainable success, Role of character in enduring success, Learning how to earn credibility, trust, and true respect, Developing the courage and strength in bad times, Knowing the difference between ‘Right vs Wrong’ and ‘Good vs Bad’, Choosing between personal ethics and social trend.
  • Mastering Personal Change: Impact of management on personal performance, progress, and productivity, coping with changes, changes affecting emotions, strengthening reasoning and decision making abilities, the overall level of productivity, how to optimize results, etc.
  • Decision Making & Priority Management: How to make sound decisions, why do leaders fail, improving quality of decisions, how to make a to-do list, ranking importance of each task, delegating tasks, handling risks in making decisions, a potential solution to problems, actual consequences of decisions, etc.
  • Persona for Success: Dressing effectively, the art of talking, walking with confidence, choices of colors, basic etiquettes, table manners, Presenting yourself in a considerable way, etc.
  • Choose or Be Chosen: Knowing one’s personality and career preferences, developing a personal career vision, core competencies for careers, developing a personal plan, CV writing, interviewing skills, traits of successful people, job hunting, dress for an interview, etc.
  • Peak Performance: Improving overall performances and effectiveness, provide motivation, instill belief, knowing inborn powers and strengths, tools to achieve dreams, how to be a master of mind, understanding the language of the mind, etc.
  • Understanding Human Behavior: Understanding yourself and the world, Making and shaking beliefs, Elimination of fears, Control over emotions, influencing others, Taking charge of motivation, Understanding mind control
  • Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship: The art of becoming your own boss, how to develop and run your own business, traits of successful entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Learning to Learn: Educating yourself and your next generations, Mastering new skills every day, Being smart, confident, creative and intelligent, Alternates of the modern education system, Organic learning model, Learning the life skills, Cultivating the curiosity, resourcefulness and multiple intelligences.
  • The Entrepreneur Mind: Building an entrepreneurial empire based on your strengths, Knowing your entrepreneurial qualities, How to start a start-up, Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, Top values that entrepreneurship serves.
  • Faith Matters: Understanding the psychology of Faith, How does our faith impact our life, Levels of the spiritual journey and how to reach to the next level.
  • Grit – The Power of Passion of Passion and Persistence: The art of perseverance of effort to overcome the obstacles or challenges that lie on paths to accomplishment and extraordinary success.
  • Zooming in on Greatness: Rise above average, Be in control, Do less get more, Build momentum, Reduce stress, Hit the target, Get the best, Have peace of mind.
  • Give & Get: Learn how to get more respect, trust, health, happiness, love, wealth, freedom, abundance, peace and fun. The art of having more of anything in life.
  • Mastering Communication Skills: Healthy relationships, Trust and respect, decreased conflicts, Recognition, Bonding, and connection, Emotional Fulfilment etc.
  • Mastering Communication Skills 2: Being influential in every role of life, Understanding others, Developing instant rapport, Changing wrong perceptions, Transforming thought patterns, Comprehending non-verbal cues, Getting desired results.
  • The Secrets of Happiness: The art of being happy, Making happiness your choice, Mastering the control over your happiness.
  • Making it Happen: Handling the negative energy around, Getting control of your actions and reactions, Never giving up on your dreams, Beating the resistance against your goals, Coping with Nay-Sayers
  • Conquer Yourself – The Magic in You: Letting go of the fears, doubts and constant need for approval, Breaking the chains of low self-esteem, Knowing and enhancing your self-worth.
  • Yes You Can: Living your life as a champion, Achieving an extraordinary success, Keeping the passion alive, Making the impossible possible, Living your dreams.
  • The Road Least Travelled: Discovering your identity, Unlocking your real potential, Living an incredibly fulfilled life, Unleashing the person inside you, Crafting a powerful sense of purpose.
  • Principle-Centered Leadership: Most valuable and rarest character traits of all, Knowing what differentiates an ordinary man from an extraordinary one, Possessing special qualities to outshine all those around, Climbing the ladder of success that lasts.
  • Make Your Dreams Come True: Have BIG dreams in life and make them happen, Have some purpose to live for and some passion to die for, Have some enthusiasm to put a dent in this world, Have the powerful energy to make anything happen.
  • Change Now or Regret Later: Taking the step before you have to take the leap, Changing from inside out, Choosing to change before it becomes inevitable.
  • 9 Secrets of Success: What do successful people do in public and private which make them an inspiration for others? 9 secrets of highly successful people.
  • The Big One – A Single Trait that Leads to Success: Want to know what is so special about Successful people. It’s not IQ or EQ, its something else. It’s their perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Building upon biographical collections of famous leaders in history, researchers and scientists have reached conclusions about high achieving individuals. Specifically, those individuals who were deemed more successful and influential than their contemporary counterparts typically possessed this trait above and beyond that of normal ability.
  • Live with Passion – Live with Purpose: Discovering the purpose of your existence, finding your passion, aligning your profession accordingly and living a life as it is ought to be lived
  • Turn Your Life Around: Finding, accepting and living the reality of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being
  • The Eagle’s Way: A true concept of Self Esteem, Traits of low self-esteem, 6 ways to enhance your self-worth, How self Esteem can benefit you in your life?
  • The Adventure of Self Discovery: Taking the leap into the journey within, Finding core values of your life, Discovering the Right direction of life
    Dress Smart: The art of carrying yourself, Looking Successful, Choosing the right attire for any occasion, Being presentable
  • Social Intelligence: 8 Key traits to heal, build and nurture any relationship
  • Catch Your Dreams: A story of Innovation, Passion and Persistence that teaches how to live an Energetic, Creative and Idealistic Life
  • Change Your Lens, Change Your World: Making Sure that the Life You Live is the Best You Can Have. A story that lets you look at life from a new perspective.
  • The Magic of Goodness: A story of a Kind hearted woman who Won the Hearts of People around her with Empathy, and Steadfast Attitude.
  • Impossible is Nothing: A True story of an Ordinary Man who did the Extraordinary and became a Name to be Remembered.
  • Finding Your True Self: A story of a Young Girl who discovered her Purpose of Life and Lived it to the Best of her abilities.
  • Coping with Difficult Economic Times: Managing budgets and financial decisions in difficult economic times.
  • Training of the Trainers: A residential retreat that equips you with principles and methods of training, designing and delivering effective training, ways to engage participants for long times, means to evaluate the effect of your training etc.