Verità-HEALTH SHOP (All Natural Food, Aids, & Accessories)

As part of Verita’s constant struggle towards achieving a higher form of pure and natural lifestyle, Verita has launched its own Health Shop. A combination of items produced and grown by the Verita Community who have ‎relentlessly spent years striving towards clearing their homes and bodies of all impurities, ours is an all-organic store run by housewives, not motivated by profits or revenues but driven by the intense desire to create and provide a pure, hygienic and natural lifestyle to anyone willing for it. A wide range of items is available at the store such as organic grains, organic clothing, natural deodorants, homemade all natural bread and burgers, pure condiments, homemade ready to eat snacks as well as convenience foods, natural home remedies, essential oils, bicycles, and exercising equipment.