What is Holistic Living?

Holistic Living refers to the lifestyle choices consciously taken by individuals in order to create and sustain an environment which leads to health, financial independence, happiness and harmony. The ‘holistic’ aspect of the equation suggests keeping in mind a variety of pertinent factors involved which have a significant impact on gaining results that last permanently. The concept simply put is that through reviving one’s spirit, nourishing one’s body, rejuvenating one’s mind and cleansing one’s heart can we truly achieve a holistic life. An elaboration of the four categories brings us to an individual’s life purpose, self-esteem, social relationships, financial independence, home environment, work satisfaction, play and leisure, and much more which is put into consideration whilst in the quest for a holistic lifestyle.

Verita’s Holistic Living Model

While a plethora of work has been carried out in the field of Holistic Living across the board, Verita aims to combine all relevant elements in a nuanced perspective to formulate a fool-proof model for an organic lifestyle. Expanding on social interactions, for instance, Verita incorporates children’s holistic education, parenting since conception, and balancing all dynamics of a marital relationship with the concept of a life purpose which drives a happy marriage along with successful living. Similarly, Verita seeks to magnify mere bodily nourishment by including the concept of organic produce and apparel – not only do we insist on feeding the body with the best nature has to offer, but also emphasize on the need to adorn it with the finest as well. Verita’s understanding of work in the realm of holistic living also expands beyond the horizon to include entrepreneurship, minimalism and passion-driven choice of job. All these fall into building the empire of Holistic Living for a complete, fulfilling and wholesome lifestyle with minimized modern stressors and maximized natural exposure in all forms for the purest benefits.

What Makes us “the ONE”?

The ideology upon which Verita is built and stands isn’t of a man, but of the unbeatable, incomparable and unparalleled Laws of Nature decreed by God through His Divine Message. Our founder has spent decades in researching, understanding, practicing and teaching these “Laws of Nature”, affecting each and every aspect of one’s life. From the solutions provided to families for their ordeals, to individuals for their career success and financial independence, to parents for a successful parenting practices, to the treatment recommended to the ill, all are extracted from the deep and sound understanding of these Universal Laws which have been in constant motion since the advent of humanity. Verita integrates these Divine Rules in every one of its teachings and models. While theories and models premised on a man’s knowledge lack this certainty, and have often been seen through history to be proven wrong at the hands of a great deal of suffering, Divine Laws are unchanged and unchallengeable.