About Us

At Verità-SOUL we are passionate learners and teachers who believe in thriving upon the natural creativity of the child without intruding unnecessarily in child’s natural inclinations and interests. We believe that each child is unique and must be given a conducive environment to practice his/her natural talent. We have worked over the last twenty years in learning, developing and practicing the best models of training and teaching. All these models have been successfully practiced and thousands of people have remarkably changed their lives. Moreover, children from our skills based programs have become success stories in their chosen fields.

Our faculty of facilitators includes professionals from the field of Human Behaviour, Psychology, Medicine, Management, Engineering, Islamic Studies, and languages. It is only “passion to enrich the lives of the next generation” that can bring together these professionals under one roof and develop a future par excellence.

Our Campus

It is said that environment you live in has a tremendous amount of influence over your work, life and day to day routine. Our campus is a purpose built Learning Resource Centre within a complete boundary area of one acre. This is located on the outskirts of Lahore at Raiwind Road, while providing opportunities to the facilitators and students to practice Organic Learning. Amid such peaceful, green and organic environment children bubble with the natural instincts and use their potentials to learn and develop new ideas. It also has boardroom facility, library, cooking and baking facility, specially designed workshops for electrical, woodwork, pottery and design classes and vast lawns and open areas for learning natural farming and animal handling. All this shall be at the disposal of the young learning minds under the supervision of skilled and passionate instructors.

In addition to the main campus, we have two 5-Kanal each and one 7-Kanal campus within the walking distance of the main campus. These facilities are used for outdoor activities.