Holistic Education

Developing a holistic alternative to the traditional methodology of grooming and learning we all are accustomed to, Verita brings a comprehensive programme to inculcate life skills, conventional education, grooming, moral psychology, worldly mannerisms and more under one roof for an ideal young adult who is confident, capable and complete in his mental, emotional and spiritual development.
  • Beginning with the LSP (Life Skills Program), a 2-year program, which is to cater to children from the age of 5 to 7 years, is formulated to build life-skills and a strong foundation for these kids in terms of discipline, character and overall success through hands-on experiences and interactive activities.


  • EFP (Elementary Foundation Program) is a 6-month intensive program following our LSP for children from ages 7-12 years, for either, a) preparing home-schooled children for our EEP program and 2) strengthening school going children’s concepts in sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics through experiential learning.


  • Another initiative, EEP (Elementary Education Program) is a 3-year program following our LSP for children from ages 7-10 years. It combines the academics of sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics with experiential learning to showcase subjects otherwise studied in books and classrooms, as being actively present all around us with numerous opportunities to learn them in a nuanced setting which can lead to far-reaching benefits, long-term applications and a solid understanding of these concepts.


  • Finally, 3MP (Magnetism, Manners, and Morals Program) is a 9-month program for young adults of ages 10 and above for embedding character traits, confidence, self-esteem, persona, ethics, etiquettes and much more which can equip them to handle the complexities of reality in a more suited and qualified manner.