The ever widening divide between the modern world and the learnings presented through the Verita platform have depicted an increasing number of participants facing the dilemma of which side to fall on when making their life choices. Despite being well aware of the truth and its benefits, often a lot individuals are unable to put their learnings into practice due to the mockery, rejection and unacceptance received from those adhering to the conventional approaches to health and life in general.

In the midst of such confusion and chaos of stark difference between ‘what we know’ and ‘what we do’, ‎Verita participants presented several requests for an arena where preaching and practicing the truth will not be confined within the limits of conventional education and minds. Therefore, Verita-BIRTH was born as the answer to the prayers of countless mothers yearning for the chance to do what they know is the best for their child and themselves.

Verita-BIRTH, similar to its parent project, Verita-HEAL, stems from the integration of the natural sciences with the knowledge of religious sciences, behavioral sciences, and the ancient medical arts. It signifies the role Verita, as an institute, intends to play to guide expectant families through a self-preparatory birthing process, hence, highlighting the other meaning ‘we-birth’ is founded upon where you are the decision maker and prime actor in your life.