Success Stories

Healing Decades-Long Migraine 

Gulshan Awais from Sialkot attended Back to Basics in 2015, she says this was the best experience of her life as she learnt about success, happiness, relationships and most importantly, about health. Health was a pillar missing from Gulshan’s life since years, as she used to have 3 to 4 attacks of severe migraine, every month. Gulshan goes onto say, “during the course of this program, all participants were staying in the Verita training resort, where another such episode was about to arise, but the team jumped in with a strategy that did not only curb the pain at the spot but helped me deal with this paralyzing issue henceforth in my everyday routine, as well”.

Healing Decades-Long Food Allergy  

In 2014, Mr. Aftab Ahmad joined our life-changing, residential program ‘Back to Basics’ all the way from Chitral to experience a pure, natural and organic lifestyle. Since childhood, Aftab suffered from a severe milk allergy. Even an ounce of milk would cause Aftab’s skin to go red and make it incredibly difficult for him to breathe properly. Upon our visit to the Dera on one of the four days Aftab stayed with us, all participants were encouraged to drink freshly extracted milk from the cows for a refreshing taste. Aftab took the risk and drank an entire glass, only to find no sign of any allergy after decades of milk intolerance. After this astonishing discovery, Aftab said, “If my mother found out that I had just drunk an entire cup of milk and not experienced any health issue whatsoever following that, she would die but not believe me”.

Healing Prostate

Another success story of the numerous God has gifted Verita with, is of a participant named Ali Khan who joined us in ‘Back to Basics (2014)’ from Lahore. Before stumbling across our advertisement on Facebook, he had booked an appointment with his doctor to get his prostate operated on due to several years of health concerns related to it. After spending four days with Verita and acquainting himself with the organic lifestyle Verita promotes, Ali Khan decided to delay the surgery and give this new perspective a shot. Soon enough, his prostrate healed naturally and required no external treatment which he had planned for only days prior to his fortunate discovery of our life-altering the residential program. No surgery, no doctor and natural recovery – everything is possible in God’s natural world.
(Note: the name of the participant has been changed to respect his privacy)


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