Verita-HEAL is an initiative under the parent of Verita-Art of Living Institute which aims to enhancing the quality of health on a personal and professional level. Verita-HEAL introduces a nuanced perspective of health and wellness into the health society for cures and solutions which are natural and permanent. The concept of holistic health provides a holistic treatment to and understanding of health by combining mind, body, heart and soul in its quest of dealing with all sorts of diseases. This approach amalgamates teachings of science, religion, psychology, psychiatry and spirituality into one complete model which deals with every unturned stone left to rid the faintest hint of input which could build or exasperate disease in an individual.

Verita-HEAL does not believe in trimming problems with medicines and quick solutions, instead, it promotes positive living in order to treat health concerns at their grass root level. Through a change in lifestyle, individuals are able to achieve unparalleled forms of wellness which have astounding impacts on their relationships and career, as well.