Verità-FATE (Family and Parenting Club)

Stepping one step further from the notion of ‘achieving success’, Verità understands the dire need of the society to better comprehend the significance attached to the sacred institution of marriage, parenthood, and familial tranquility. It is through these mediums that a man can maintain and sustain his success for the long haul. Extending the philosophy of human psychology as in the concept of Career and Success, this area signifies the fulfillment of a basic human need, an emotional need – the need for relationships and affection. The woman, be it the mother, the wife or the daughter, defines the ambiance of tranquility and harmony within the bounds of a home and family. While a man strives to present all requirements for a house, the woman converts that beautifully into a home, and the adornments needed to do so, in the form of good marital relationships, healthy parent-child bonding, or general familial serenity, is brought forth by her.

Destiny, or FATE, isn’t what has been given to us, but what we eventually do with the ingredients provided to us by God Almighty for a master cuisine or a disastrous dish. To ensure we design the former, it is essential to assign equal, if not more, important to the people around us. Therefore, individuals carving their personal or family destinies, show determination for growth in personal or relational realms. Keeping this in mind, we offer a variety of workshops on issues ranging from the art of parenting, the tools of positive nurturing, the perplexities of dealing with difficult teenagers, the guide to leaping into a promising, long-lasting marital bond and the complications which arise soon after one has embarked on the journey without realizing what it truly means. Therefore, Verità revolves around three imperative bonds: person to person, family to family and person to family relationships, which can become the greatest source of joy and comfort for an individual or the biggest form of regret, unhappiness and emotional chaos. Verità understands that holistic success is not possible without being successful at the family level, and Verità-FATE is meant to address this critical component of the holistic success