Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are determined to change your life by participating in any of our workshop, you need to call our office and talk to the program manager. You will be asked to deposit 30% of the workshop fee in our bank account to confirm your registration and rest of the amount is settled as cash on spot.
It is located near Lahore Zoo Safari Park, Raiwind Road. You will be sent the exact address one day prior to the program.
We have different Facebook pages related to our core areas of education. Addresses of all Facebook pages are mentioned below and you can visit/like as per your interest.
Yes, we do have a modest residential facility available at our training resort for outstation participants. Kindly call in for charges and other details.
You can get the calendar by writing us at info@verita.org. You can also find it on our Facebook pages.
Primarily, it participant’s own responsibility to arrange transport, however, we do recommend and appreciate if two/three participants coordinate each other and come together. You can also call us for assistance.
We conduct educational workshops related to 4 core areas, i.e:
1) Career & Success
2) Marriage & Spouse
3) Children & Parenting
4) Health and wellness.
You can find further details of these workshops from our website, social media or by calling us!
We have different time duration options available, i.e, 4 hours, 6 hours, full day, two days, 3 days etc. you can choose as per your convenience.
We always recommend that you prefer workshops over counseling because workshops are less expensive with more time than one-on-one counseling sessions. Once you have attended the workshop, it is more likely that after attending the workshop your problem will be resolved otherwise you can ask for counseling.
We do offer different kinds of discounts, i.e, Early Bird Discount, Group Discount, Student Discount, Sibling Discount, Couple Discount but it vary from program to program. You can get further details by calling our office.
Yes we do, Best day to visit us are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Kindly call our office one day prior to the visit so that someone could be assigned to properly entertain you.
The residential workshops are designed to provide the participants with an environment conducive to their learning. The lifestyle experience, therefore, requires a 24/7 exposure to a certain manner of living which aids and encourages the intended change for that particular workshop. Continuous display of positive cues for change which are entirely different from the lifestyle, people, thinking procedure and emotional experience the participant is tuned to from his usual daily routine allows for numerous opportunities as well as a comfort zone to develop for that change to take place.
Verita is an institute that provides the platform through which guidance regarding positive living is communicated to its participants. Our aim is not to guarantee change but to motivate and inspire towards the healthier, happier, better lifestyle which presents itself as a promising alternative that often individuals willingly opt for themselves. The journey henceforth to strive continuously towards the truth Verita has shown is the duty of the participant himself.
Verita believes we all have invested far too much time, effort and money into building a career and becoming financially stable, while true happiness has always come from a peaceful family living and total wellness of the individual. If either one of the two is compromised, the financial status or established career life no longer seems as alluring and satisfying as it did before. Unfortunately, we often ignore this most significant piece of knowledge, which later also goes onto determining our success in other aspects of our life, this knowledge of good parenting and grooming. We believe every good or bad decision we make or right or wrong turn out life takes goes back to the act of parenting and grooming.
Workshops are not merely information sharing platforms, but are ways of conducting group counseling such that individuals go through the experience of every new learning they are being introduced to. Books often, unfortunately, remain pieces of information. Workshops, on the other hand, acquaint the participants with the opportunities of translating that information into knowledge and then practically implementing into a habit or a lifestyle. With questions being answered then and there by the trainers, as well as listening to the stories of numerous others who might be experiencing the same concerns you are, workshops allows for a much more interactive, inspirational, startling and life-changing experience.
Verita has designed a customized training resort in order to manifest the learnings gained from the institute in an exemplary model called ‘Blessings’. The natural environment, easily available organic food and peaceful surroundings can only be managed in the outskirts of the city where the participants are exposed to the lifestyle we preach and not shown contradictory images which would hamper the learning process as well as downgrade the credibility of the institute. Such a massive set-up has only been established in Lahore where participants from all over the world come and reside during the course of their concerned workshop to have the life-changing experience.