Family and Children

Stepping one step further from the notion of ‘achieving success’, Verità understands the dire need of the society to better comprehend the significance attached to the sacred institution of marriage, parenthood, and familial tranquility. It is through these mediums that a man can maintain and sustain his success for the long haul. Extending the philosophy of human psychology as in the concept of Career and Success, this area signifies the fulfillment of a basic human need, an emotional need – the need for relationships and affection. The woman, be it the mother, the wife or the daughter, defines the ambiance of tranquility and harmony within the bounds of a home and family. While a man strives to present all requirements for a house, the woman converts that beautifully into a home, and the adornments needed to do so, in the form of good marital relationships, healthy parent-child bonding, or general familial serenity, is brought forth by her.

Destiny isn’t what has been given to us, but what we eventually do with the ingredients provided to us by God Almighty for a master cuisine or a disastrous dish. To ensure we design the former, it is essential to assign equal, if not more, important to the people around us. Therefore, individuals carving their personal or family destinies, show determination for growth in personal or relational realms. Keeping this in mind, we offer a variety of workshops on issues ranging from the art of parenting, the tools of positive nurturing, the perplexities of dealing with difficult teenagers, the guide to leaping into a promising, long-lasting marital bond and the complications which arise soon after one has embarked on the journey without realizing what it truly means. Therefore, Verità revolves around three imperative bonds: person to person, family to family and person to family relationships, which can become the greatest source of joy and comfort for an individual or the biggest form of regret, unhappiness and emotional chaos.

Program Titles and Major Contents

Following is the list of a few of the programs that we have conducted, grouped in types of programs.


One Full day workshop (0900 to 1900 hours)

As full day programs to instill a will to change and grow in the participants after provision of information from a variety of angles on the topic in hand, willshops have allowed individuals to become acquainted with perspectives never shared with them before in a new light and setting. Moreover, based on a group therapy model, willshops facilitate participants to engage in effective discussions with others present in the program and open up regarding their personal issues and concerns for nuanced answers there and then.


3-Hour Seminar (Afternoon)

Reviving the old tradition of seminars and motivational lectures which introduced Faiez Hassan Seyal in the world of positive living and growth back in 1995, these talkshops are 3-hour sessions catering to a bigger crowd, conducted in state of the art, custom-built auditorium of Verita. With limited time, the aim of these talkshops is merely to announce a new perspective to the audience as food for thought on common and largely prevalent societal issues or concerns by focusing on top key points governing the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of the topic.


4-Hour workshop (Afternoon)

Conducted by team members of Verita who have been trained to cater to the masses with a nominal fee and basic 4-hour highlight of widespread problems, hopeshops aim to instill a ray of hope in the participants for further learning, growth and deeper understanding of the issues at hand. These allow participants to get acquainted with the Verita philosophy in a light, positive environment and meet like minded people for satisfying their intellectual and social needs.


Four Hour Learning and Fun Event with Gourmet Dinner over a Weekend Night

In the hopes of marrying the two diverse concepts of entertainment and learning in a nuanced setting within a purposeful approach, feelshops are made to gift individuals, couples and families with the opportunity to learn via visual means in a positive environment. These sessions, along with organic, scrumptious dinner, are the perfect alternative to the quest of entertainment by each family member which takes him/her to a different destination, whereas Verita aims to bring people and families together.


4-5 days long extensive residential retreats

An escape retreat to live the life that Verita preaches, these 24-hour residential programs walk the participants through every learning they have gathered by attending different sessions in different areas of concern. By experiencing the life itself, participants leave with an utmost sense of comfort and an overwhelming feeling of change from the inside out, never wanting to step back into the modern life they once thought encompassed all.

Summer Camp

Our 6 Day residential program for teenagers (boys and girls both) is the best-loved by the parents and the kids. The topmost priority of the families during the summer vacations is to send their children to Verita’s Summer Camp and make them outstanding and unique from inside out. Children learn who they are, what the purpose of their life is, what are their roles and responsibility and how to fulfill those. They learn to build their own identity and the right character that make them incompatible from all other kids around. The fun and excitement of 6 days give children a lifetime experience and the promising change not only brings positivity in the kid but in his/her entire family.


Two-Hour session in an informal setting, discussing the burning social issues, on a Friday Night, once a month

In an entirely casual setting, these chaishops inspired by the notion of ‘tea talk’ allow individuals to interact with Faiez Seyal on a closer premise with their personal problems and queries surrounding issues of familial bonding, marital relationships, healthy living and basic concerns ruling our everyday, personal lives.


One-on-One Coaching (Monday thru Sundays, Appointment Based)

One on one counseling sessions to discuss the most personal and intimate issues with a counselor/advisor, coshops are designed to dig deep into the source of individual issues and guide clients’ step by step back to recovery. These are particularly helpful for individuals who are more comfortable in discussing their matter in a private setting, have complicated twists and turns to their issues, or wish to seek advice in a number of diverse concerns.