Our Success Stories

Mrs. Amber Talha

Amber Talha, a mother of two, is a Verita participant who decided to conquer the impossible and prepare herself for a normal, natural delivery despite the odds. Having been told from countless doctors, her family and her friends, that this dream was far from realistic after 2 previous C-Sections and no experience of natural labour, Amber still hopped onto the Verita wagon and practiced the ViBirth model throughout her 9 months of pregnancy in order to prepare her body for what has been considered a one in a million case in medical history. Living and breathing her learnings from ViBirth, Amber took up the challenge to work on herself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically for a happy pregnancy. In the midst of a team of doctors who pushed her constantly for C-Section by stating facts of risks, Amber held onto her hope and knew she had come a long way in getting ready for this big day. A ViBirth Miracle took place on 8th January, 2017, when after 2 C-Secions, Amber gave birth to a beautiful baby boy through natural, normal and organic delivery. Amber fought hard and succeeded in gifting herself and her child the greatest joy of motherhood. The bond built from a natural delivery and the foundation set in all respects, from health to emotional wellbeing, of the child born naturally, is something to strive for. Amber believed and made the impossible, possible.

ViHeal, and we see miracles everyday!

Mrs. Hanna Faiez

A PrimaGravida (first time pregnant), Hanna thought a normal delivery wasn’t a far-fetched dream, however, her hopes and wishes were pushed outside the window as soon as they came out in front of doctors who had been accustomed to C-sections for the smallest complication. Hanna had set to strive for an organic pregnancy since before her conception, spending her days following her usual routine of office work and household chores till entering the 9 month time frame, she had not visited a single hospital or clinic, nor consumed any artificial supplements and medication. Upon hearing this bizarre case, doctors all around the city of Lahore showered her with words of mockery, insults and shattered hopes. Nonetheless, as adamant as one can possibly be, Hanna marched into her final days of pregnancy headstrong, working fully till the last minute, and occasionally experiencing the much feared labour pains. Her pains, however, would stop the second she entered into the walls of a hospital, and she would, embarrassingly come back home, finding the contractions back again. Seeing this inconsistency, all consulting doctors labelled her a case of a C-section and admitted her into the ward on a no-food, no-water diet as preparation for the operation. Hanna did not lose hope. 2 days and 2 nights in the screams and horror of the labour ward, now the doctors presented waiting any longer as a threat on the life of the mother and the unborn child. However, being well aware of the ViBirth learnings and the pattern of the natural process, Hanna strived further – she knew she had come far enough to get this right. She practiced everything she knew to bring about labour naturally. As the last deadline ended for a normal delivery or a C-section was impending, the doctors came to find Hanna in full labour, 15 minutes more and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on March, 24, 2016. All her pains, pre-labour as well as post-delivery, Hanna relieved through natural means, without a single drop of medication through the 10 months of the most memorable and miraculous time of her life.

Vi-BIRTH – Natural is Possible!

Mrs. Saba Hamayun

Our honorable Verita-Birth client, Mrs. Saba Humayun, became a success story and the mother of a beautiful, miracle princess on June, 15, 2017. Already being a mother of two, an 11-year-old son through normal delivery, and a 6-year-old daughter through C-section, Saba was adamant on recreating the joy and bliss of the all natural birthing experience after conceiving, following two unfortunate miscarriages. Since day 1, Saba chose an all-pure, organic approach to her conception and pregnancy, omitting any and all external exposure to injections, medication, tests, and supplements. Instead, she opted for a natural diet to aid the forthcoming most important period of her life, where she would fight against all odds, and prove every doctor who had once told her she will not be able to conceive again, and then, she will never be capable of handling a normal birth, wrong. Mr. and Mrs. Humayun kept themselves closely attached to our group of experts with our doctors, midwife, behavioral experts, support team and practiced a commendable level of Faith, dedication, motivation, strength and commitment till the moment of the miracle when baby Eisha Humayun came into this world. After few episodes of prodromal (false) labour which often ends up in unfortunate trips to the hospital and an eventual induction or C-section, Saba stayed strong to wait for the natural course of labour to take place. In the midst of our natural Maternity Clinic settings, and with a team dedicated to this purpose, Saba did what few women are capable of today, and made a miracle happen. We are proud of you!


Vi-Heal, and we see miracles everyday.