Roshina Amin

Roshina Amin is Masters in Islamiyat from Punjab University and is a renowned writer of two Urdu books on social issues in Pakistan; Shaur-e-Zindagi and Hum Kaun Hain. Daughter of a passionate teacher, Prof. Sadiq Amin Khan and grand-daughter of Dr. Niaz Ahmed (the first D.Sc in Pakistan and Founding Chairman of Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Punjab, and Science and Technology Advisor to Qualid-e-Azam Muhmmad Ali Jinnah and President Ayub Khan, she is exceptionally dedicated and compassionate person and has devoted her life in teaching the disadvantaged class of the society. Her incomparable ability to empower and motivate the unprivileged class has allowed her to do a hefty amount of voluntary work in her life. Moreover, she has been a teacher in schools such as American National School, Abacus School System and Salamat School System. Roshina is a co-founder of Verita – Art of Living Institute, with Faiez Hassan Seyal and is called Verita’s Mother.